If an imessage says delivered is their phone on?

Certain things may confuse when using the imessage to send messages to another iMessage user and this is the case of imessage getting delivered or not.

First, I want you to know that imessage is very much different from SMS text in the sense that iMessage uses the internet while SMS uses the cellular network service.

In this article we’ll be looking at this very question which I found interesting, If an imessage says delivered is their phone on?

If imessage says delivered it doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient phone is on cause the recipient imessage may be connected to other Apple devices like the iPad and Mac. If the recipient phone is off but its Mac or iPad is on and iMessage is active in any of these devices, iMessage will be delivered to this recipient. 

If an imessage says delivered is their phone on

So in this case imessage will say delivered even though the recipient phone is switched off.

This is the major difference between iMessage and SMS text messages cause once the phone is switched off SMS text messages will not be delivered to the recipient. As SMS text message uses the sim card and the cellular network service, you can’t receive SMS text messages if your phone is off.

But the case is different for iMessage.

If you have the likes of iPad or Mac, and your Apple ID is connected to these devices with iMessage enabled and active, you can receive iMessages whilst your phone is switched off or dead.

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Where the confusion lies

What the confusion lies is when you call someone and the call won’t go through, but you sent an iMessage and it went through and showed delivered. At first, you may think that the recipient may have blocked your number since calls aren’t going the but iMessage is saying delivered.

Imessage saying delivered doesn’t mean that the recipient phone is on, as the recipient may have other apple devices like iPad or Mac active.

As imessage doesn’t require a sim card or cellular network service unless the person is using cellular data, you can use iMessage on your iPad, Mac, iPhone at the same time as long as a single Apple ID is connected to these devices.

Because of this even if your phone is switched off, you can still receive iMessages if your other apple devices are on and connected to the internet. And as a sender, you shouldn’t be confused when you call someone and it didn’t go through but the imessage did, the recipient must have had other apple devices used in receiving imessages and not just his or her iPhone.

To understand more about imessage I will give you a quick overview of imessage and how it works. 

  • Imessage is an instant messaging service introduced by Apple in 2011 and is only available for Apple users.
  • You can use iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple watch.
  • iMessage requires an internet connection to work, and which you can use any Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Imessage doesn’t necessarily require a sim card to work unless you are using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi.
  • iMessage works similarly to WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps in the sense that it has read receipts which shows if the recipient has opened or read a sent imessage.
  • Imessage doesn’t compress photos or videos so pictures and videos sent through Imessage retain their quality, unlike WhatsApp that reduces the quality of pictures and videos because they are being compressed.
  • Imessage is free even when sending iMessages internationally.
  • Imessage can only be sent to ios or Apple users as you can’t send imessage to android users or other platforms.

Imessage is a very good instant messaging service but the downside is that it only works for Apple or ios users.

Will an imessage delivered if someone is on the phone?

If your iPhone is set up in a way that the internet will be active when on call, an imessage will be delivered when someone is on the phone. 

However, if you didn’t set up your phone that even when on call you can use the internet on your iPhone, iMessage will not be delivered until you are done with the call.


Kindly open your settings app and tap on cellular. On the next screen tap on the cellular data option followed by tapping on Enable LTE.

Select voice & data by tapping on the option. Once you have done that on your iPhone, you can use the internet while on a call on your iPhone and same time imessage will be delivered even while on call.

If an imessage says delivered is their phone on

If imessage doesn’t say delivered is their phone off?

Their phone may not be necessarily off if imessage doesn’t say delivered because there are factors that hinder the imessage from getting delivered. 

The factors are as follows;

  • The sender is blocked on imessage.
  • There’s no active internet on the recipient phone.
  • Imessage is unavailable on the recipient’s phone.
  • The recipient phone is switched off

These are the four major things that will prevent iMessage from getting delivered.

Just like the topic of the post if an iMessage says delivered is their phone on, a recipient phone may be off but for the fact that iMessage is connected to its other devices like the iPad, Mac, or the Apple watch, imessage will be delivered to any of the devices.

But mostly when iMessage doesn’t say delivered it is likely that the sender has been blocked by the recipient on iMessage especially after several imessages have been sent on different occasions. 

But you can never tell until you use another ID unknown to the recipient to send imessages to the recipient. If it does get delivered then the recipient has indeed blocked you on its imessage but if otherwise then the recipient imessage is not available.

When iPhone message says delivered has it been read?

No, it hasn’t been read because delivered and read are different in messages. When it shows delivered it simply means the message has successfully been sent and the recipient has received the message on its phone. Then when it says read, it means the recipient has opened or read the message.

In an sms text message, you will only see delivered but when it comes to instant messaging you will see both delivered and read. Once the recipient received the message it will show delivered on the sender’s side, and immediately the recipient opens the message it will show read.

This is only if the recipient didn’t turn off read receipts on its imessage or the RCS chat feature on android.

If an imessage says delivered is their phone on?

If the imessage says delivered after sending iMessages, the recipient phone may not be on and if the recipient has other apple devices like iPad, Mac, or Apple watch and which same Apple ID is connected to the devices. That is imessage will be delivered to any of the available devices.

But if all devices are switched off or imessage not available, imessage will not be delivered until it is available.

Once again don’t get confused when a normal call isn’t going through but the message says delivered because the recipient may have an image on its other devices whilst his or her iPhone is switched off.

And this is where I draw the curtain on this article of if an iMessage says delivered is their phone on. Once again if iMessage doesn’t say delivered it doesn’t necessarily mean their phone is off as they may have other devices connected to their Apple ID and iMessage.

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