Is imessage free internationally? Everything explained

One of the best features on iphone and iPad is the imessage as many can’t go for a day without using the imessage or sending iMessages from one ios device to another.

Lots of users has already dumped whatsapp as imessage seemed to be a lot better except for video calling and whereas, there’s a facetime which is for both video and voice call.

Remember, imessage isn’t available for android so this makes most ios users to still use whatsapp when they feel like calling their friends and family using android phone.

Moving straight to one of the major question being asked especially when you have someone living abroad, and that is;

Is imessage free internationally?

Imessage is free internationally because it is an instant messaging service that make use of the internet just like whatsapp, and not a cellular network service. You can send imessage from your country to another country or from your continent to another continent all for free as what is required is a good internet connection. 

is imessage free internationally

First, it is very much essential to understand imessage and what is all about cause the question of is imessage free internationally is usually asked by the newbies.

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Let me give you an overview of the imessage as it will be a lot helpful to you before going further into the article.

What is imessage?

Imessage is an instant messaging service offered by Apple to it’s ios users which is been used to send messages, pictures, videos, documents and other files from one ios device to another.

Being an instant messaging service, imessage requires an active internet connection in order to work and send messages across. That is to say you can use Wi-Fi or cellular data for your iMessage.

Imessage works similarly to whatsapp with the main difference being the fact that you can’t make a video call or voice on imessage, but you as an ios user, you have the facetime for these two features.

One of the major advantage of imessage over whatsapp is that imessage doesn’t compress photos, while whatsapp compress photos and there by reducing the quality of pictures sent using whatsapp.

Even videos are not compressed on imessage while the case is different on whatsapp.

Being an instant messaging service, imessage let’s you know when a recipient has received and read your sent messages and when a recipient is typing to you.

As imessage doesn’t cost a dime except for internet charges from your ISP especially if you are using a cellular data on your iPhone. Now what makes you think that imessage will have a cost for international imessages?

Let’s continue.

Is imessage free overseas?

Imessage is completely free overseas simply because it requires internet connection like Wi-Fi or cellular data in order to work, and not network service which will attract charges. 

This is same with is imessage free internationally and the answer is a big yes.

When talking about the cost of sending messages from one country to another or probably overseas, then the carrier network service is involved cause the will charge you for making an international calls as well as sending internationally messages.

Now we have the imessage, whatsapp, Skype, telegram, Facebook messenger, etc, is there any need to spend money on international calls and text messages? Unless it is a professional one.

Since imessage only use Wi-Fi or cellular data just like other instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, Google duo and voice, etc, there’s no cost attached to it even if you’re sending iMessages to another country or internationally.

I repeat this again.

Is imessage free internationally?

Yes imessage is free internationally because it is an instant messaging service which makes use of the internet like Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Once again instant messaging service are services or apps that uses the internet connection to send and receive messages in real time. This include imessage, whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, line, Google duo, and even Google voice.

What attracts charges or cost?

Talking about is imessage free internationally or overseas, what attracts charges is when using sms the normal sms to send a text message internationally. In this type of situation your carrier network service will charge you based on their cost of sending text messages.

This charges will be deducted from your texting plan or airtime depending on the type of network service you are using. Again, if you are sending sms text messages internationally, it attracts more charges compared to when sending sms text messages locally or within the country.

For example, John living in the United States plans to send a message to Charles in the uk and thinking of using an imessage since the two are ios users. If John went ahead to send an imessage to Charles living in the UK, there won’t be any cost of sending iMessages because the messages was sent and received over the internet.

However, both John and Charles must have an active internet connection in order to send and receive iMessages else nothing will work.

Where the problem lies

Where the problem lies when sending iMessages internationally is when the recipient has no active internet connection or may not be using imessage.

So before going ahead to send imessages internationally so as to avoid cellular network service cost, you must make sure that the recipient has an active internet connection and also imessage is active on the recipient iphone, ipad or Mac.

If the recipient happens to be an android phone user, forhet about it cause it won’t go through. You need to use whatsapp as an alternative to imessage in sending an instant message to the person, or if you have an android phone then you can use google rcs chat feature which works like imessage in sending the message.

Is imessage free internationally with wifi?

Imessage is free internationally with Wi-Fi and even on cellular data as there won’t be extra cost of sending iMessages internationally.

The best way to enjoy imessages or internet on a cell phone is by using a Wi-Fi. But if you don’t have an active Wi-Fi around you, then you don’t have any option but to subscribe to a data plan and use cellular data for your iMessages and other internet activity on your iPhone.

Do you get charged for imessage internationally?

No, you don’t get charged sending iMessages internationally or even locally as imessage is an instant messaging service like whatsapp and there’s no cost attached to it.

Imessage is just like whatsapp but only works on ios device, all you need to do is to enable imessage on your iPhone or iPad and you are good to go as long as you have an internet connection.

You don’t need to worry yourself trying to know if at all does imessage have international fees, imessage is the same everywhere around the world and it is 100% free internationally, overseas, worldwide, globally, or abroad.

So if you have someone outside the country or living overseas and the person has an active imessage on it’s device, kindly send an imessage to the person using a Wi-Fi or cellular data and instantly the person will receive the imessage.

There’s no cost or fees sending iMessages internationally as it is all for the free as long as there’s an active internet connection.

With this i come to the conclusion of this post on is imessage free internationally, overseas, worldwide, or globally. Kindly note that imessage is free internationally without any charges from apple itself or your carrier network service and the best is when using Wi-Fi on imessage.

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