Can you imessage internationally? Everything explained

Can you imessage internationally? How possible will it be to send imessages abroad or to overseas without being charged or made to pay a fee!

There are two major ways to send a message on iphone, and they are through sms text message and the imessage. The sms text message make use of the cellular network service in sending text messages, while the imessage uses the internet in sending messages.

You have been using imessage for quite some time or long while and right now you have someone living in abroad you want to send a message to, and maybe you don’t want to spend a dime in sending the messages.

So what option do you have, the imessage? Or maybe some other means.

This brings us to the question of the day especially for the newbies;

Can you imessage internationally?

Yes you can send imessage internationally and all for free as the imessage being instant messaging service uses internet in sending messages across the countries or continents both parties are living in.

can you imessage internationally

If you are new to imessage, I want you to know that imessage is very similar to whatsapp, Skype or any other instant messaging apps with the only different being the fact that you can’t make or receive calls on imessage. However, you have the facetime to do that for you on your iPhone.

To properly answer the question being asked on can you imessage internationally, I will give you an example using three countries like the US, UK, and India.

For example, you have an uncle and aunty that are living in both India and UK and you want to say hello to them and wish them a merry Christmas but wouldn’t want to call or waste your minutes. Looking for an alternative you decide to use the imessage in sending messages across.

The truth is that sending iMessages internationally will go through without any charges or fee from Apple or your carrier network, but the recipient must be another ios user.

That is to say the recipient must have an iphone, ipad or Mac and imessage must be enabled and active on the recipient device else nothing will work or the imessage will fail to get delivered.

Asking is imessage can you imessage internationally you should first confirm that the recipient living abroad or overseas is also using an imessage. If the recipient is using an android phone, then you have to forget it and look for a good alternative which is whatsapp.

So you can send imessage internationally and all fore free as long as there’s an active internet connection on the phone.

How do you imessage internationally?

To imessage internationally is same like sending iMessages to someone living same country with you or probably sending whatsapp messages to someone living abroad.

All you need to do is to make sure you have an active internet connection, open the message and type in the message. Select the recipient you are sending the message to and afterwards hit on the send button and the recipient will receive the imessage.

Where problem will arise

If you are avoiding to spend a penny on messages and prefer to use imessage, you have to disable send as sms when imessage is unavailable on your iPhone.

The reason for this is because if the recipient imessage is disabled, not available, or probably the recipient is not using any of iphone or iPad but instead an android phone, then the message will be sent as sms and which will attract charges from your carrier network service.

If you don’t fancy using sms to send messages on your iPhone, then you will have to disable it though it will come at the expense of not being able to send or receive sms text messages from non iPhone user.

However, you can still enable send as sms any time you want to and that wouldn’t take you more than five seconds to do.

To disable send as sms when imessage is unavailable on iphone, get started by opening settings app and scroll down to messages. Open messages, scroll down a bit and you will see send as sms among the options displayed on your screen.

can you imessage internationally

Slide on the button to turn off the feature on your iPhone but once again remember that you won’t be able to send sms text messages on your iPhone.

Do you get charged for imessage internationally?

No you don’t get charged for imessage internationally especially when using WiFi for your internet connectivity.

There’s no fee or cost attached to sending or receiving imessages from anywhere in the world as imessage uses internet. As long as you an active internet connection and so the recipient, you are free to send imessages until you run out of data.

Can I text someone in another country with iMessage?

Yes you can as imessage is an instant messaging service like whatsapp, so you can text imessages to another ios user living in another country and all for free.

Does imessage use data internationally

Imessage uses both data and Wi-Fi in send and receiving internationally as long as you have an active internet connection on your phone.

If you don’t have an active Wi-Fi around you, you can subscribe to a data plan for your cellphone internet activity.

Should I have iMessage on or off?

I recommend you to always have your iMessage enabled on your iPhone so as to be able to receive iMessages from other iPhone users, and whereas imessage doesn’t attract any charges or fee from Apple or the network carrier.

If you don’t fancy using imessage on your iPhone though I don’t see the reason to do so, you can substitute imessage to whatsapp as it is commonly used in the world today. The likes of Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, are good as well.

Still don’t fancy using imessage on your Iphone, all you need to do is to open the settings app and scroll down to messages, tap to open messages.

The first option you will see is Imessage which is enabled by default, so you can go ahead and deactivate imessage by sliding on the toogle button.

Once you have done this, imessage will be disabled on your iPhone and you will be left with only send as sms but only if you enabled send as sms on your iPhone.

So it is your choice to make but still I don’t see the reason to disable imessage on iphone or iPad.

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