Is imessage free between iphones? Everything explained

One of the best ways to send messages from one iPhone to another no matter where you find yourself is the imessage, and I love the fact that it doesn’t compress files unlike other instant messaging apps and services.

As imessage is really superb in many ways, one may ask is imessage free between iphones especially the newbies.

iMessage is free between iPhones or any other apple devices like the iPad, Mac and apple watch more especially when using Wi-Fi. So far there’s no cost using iMessage even when sending iMessages internationally. 

Now if you happen to use a cellular data for your cellphone internet connectivity, you will only have to subscribe to a data plan in order to use internet on your cell phone and as well as iMessage.

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Is iMessage free long distance?

No matter where you are and the recipient, iMessage is free to send and receive iMessages notwithstanding the distance.

is imessage free between iphones

As long as the recipient has an active internet connection with imessage enabled on its device, you can send messages, pictures, videos, files, etc through iMessage and the recipient will receive it.

For example, I have a cousin living in the UK whilst I’m in Calgary, I use the iMessage to chat with her and send pictures, videos and other files without spending a dime especially as I’m using a Wi-Fi.

So to enjoy the best out of your iMessage or internet generally, try using a Wi-Fi unless you don’t have any around. With Wi-Fi you will save some cost especially when it comes to sending videos through iMessage.


When it comes to sending messages between iPhones, there’s no doubt that iMessage is the best unless you want to send sms text message instead of iMessages.

Below are the best features of using iMessage instead of other instant messaging apps on your iPhone.

iMessage doesn’t compress files: Talking about the best features of iMessage, this is my very first best feature as I hate the fact that whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Co do compress and in turn reduce the quality of pictures and videos received through them.

However, using imessage there’s absolutely nothing to complain as pictures and videos sent through Imessage retain their quality.

BEING ABLE TO PLAY GAMES: If you are the type that love gaming on your phone, you will fancy imessage games but don’t expect it to look like pubg or call of duty, but I assure you that the games are very good and can be addictive.

This is something that you can’t find even in the rcs chat feature for Android or any other instant messaging apps and services.

IMESSAGE LET’S YOU SHARE YOUR LOCATION: You can easily share your location with other iMessage users simply by tapping the i button in the top-right corner, then tap on Send My Current Location. You can use Apple Maps if you want to, but for me I always prefer using the Google map. To use google map on your iPhone you have to download and install the app on your device.

You can then hit Send to get an exact fix on your location and send a Google Maps link to someone over iMessage.

BEING ABLE TO HIDE MESSAGES ON IMESSAGE: Another feature I really like about using imessage instead of whatsapp is because one can hide messages sent through Imessage. Simply enter your message or maybe select a photo, then press and hold on the Send button and choose Invisible Ink.

Now the recipient will need to swipe across the iMessages to reveal the message body, which is really useful if you don’t want a third party looking into the message.


Talking about how special the imessage is, I love the fact one can connect it’s imessage to multiple devices instead of the iPhone only. That is to say you can connect your iMessage to an iPad, Mac or Apple watch if you have any of these Apple products.

Now if your iPhone is switched off or dead, you can receive iMessage or use iMessage on any of your iPad, Mac or Apple watch as long as they are connected to your Apple ID and iMessage.

This is something other instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, Google voice and duo, etc can’t do.

In all these, iMessage is free between iphones especially when using a Wi-Fi instead of a cellular data.

Is iMessage free on cellular data?

iMessage is free on cellular data as there is no extra cost for using iMessage on cellular data except for the cost of buying a data plan from the internet service provider.

Whereas, buying a data plan isn’t just for iMessage but rather the phone internet connectivity or activity. Once you purchase a data plan for your iPhone, you can freely use iMessage on your iPhone through cellular data.

Can an iphone without service use imessage?

An iPhone without service can use iMessage through an active Wi-Fi connection. If there’s no active Wi-Fi connection on the phone, then it is not possible to use an iMessage when there’s no service in the phone. 

This is the case when the means of browsing or using internet in a given phone is through cellular data and which requires an active network service. When there’s no network service internet will not be available and this will prevent iMessage and other internet apps not work until there’s an active network service and internet.

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Is iMessage free between iphones internationally?

iMessage is free between iphones internationally as there’s no extra cost attached to it while sending iMessages overseas or abroad. Whether you are sending iMessages internationally or locally it is all for free without any cost whatsoever

Is imessage free with wifi?

iMessage is free on Wi-Fi even when sending attachments to other iMessage users. Remember, the maximum file size you can send using iMessage is 100mb and that can’t be exceeded.

Is imessage free between iphones?

Imessage is free between iphones notwithstanding the location or the distance, and it is one of the free means of sending messages for ios or Apple users.

And this is where I draw the conclusion on the question of is imessage free between iphones, you can use iMessage to send messages from your iPhone to another at not cost. You can as well use any of the other instant messaging apps like whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, Google voice to send free messages to any phone other than the iPhone.

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