How long do iphones last? Especially on average

When it comes to buying a smartphone be it android or iphone, one of the main or common question asked is the lifespan of the phone. 

This bring about one of common question one will ask about iphones and which is how long do iphones last or the average lifespan of an iPhone. 

This will be the main focus in today’s question of the day. 

Iphones are among the best phone in the world today, but I’ve seen that before someone goes on to buy one, this is usually the question being asked how long do iphones last especially if you want to use it for a long period of time. 

Before answering the question question, I want you to that iPhone is one of the best smartphone with a long lifespan. This can’t be said for some of android phones which tends to have a short lifespan.

When you ask how long do iphones last, I will let you know that it varies from different categories which includes the maintenance and the usage.

Take for example, you’ll see two persons bought the same phone on the same day. Mr A phone lasted for a good six years, while Mr B phone only lasted for three years. This goes down to usage and maintenance by individuals.

How long do iphones last

How long do iphones last

On average, an iphone should last for at least 5 years and can even go for up to 8 years for a user.

I’m not just doing a guessing game right here, I’m talking from experience with my iphone 6s plus.

The phone is 5 years going to six years, and I’m still using it with the battery still intact though the battery capacity is way too low right now. 

I haven’t changed the battery or the screen, the only thing I changed is the charger which got damaged. Not only that, I’ve seen someone still using the Apple iPhone 5 and I was like “wow”.

Looking at the topic of the post on how long do iphones last, I will say six years for a careful phone user and three years for a careless phone user.

One major factor I love about iPhone more than it’s counterpart android, is that the ios has the best operating system and older phones do get the updates and they don’t lag. 

Take a look at Apple iPhone 6s Plus which was released in September 2015, receiving the latest iOS 14.4. This will never happen for an android phone.

An android phone released in 2018 can never receive the latest Android 11 OS even if it is a flagship or high end Android phone. But the case is different from iPhone and ios devices.

This is why the lifespan of iphobes is longer than android phones cause android phones get outdated faster compared to iphones.

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Going back to the question on how long do iphones last on average, there are factors that determine the lifespan of an iphone or any other phone.

They include the followings;

Can I use my iPhone for 5 years?

1. The battery life

When talking about average lifespan of iPhone, this is very essential as smartphone battery wears out overtime due to usage.

From my experience, iphone battery tends to lose it’s battery capacity a lot and faster compared to android, and at this period, the phone will drain a lot faster.

There’s nothing like pre-installed battery compared to a replaced battery, so if the pre-installed battery gets damaged or wears out, the phone will be quite annoying to use.

From my experience, iphone battery will last for a good two years before the battery capacity drops way below the recommended 80%. But please bear in mind that it goes down to how you’re using your iPhone because excessive heating of the phone tends to decrease the battery lifespan. 

Excessive heating comes from playing high graphics online games, charging and same time using the phone. 

Even using an iPhone as a hotspot connection for a long period of time hears up the phone.

2. Software version

In terms of software, iphones do last long because it receives updates up to six years, and which is very fantastic. 

Once a phone no longer receive new software updates, then I don’t see the reason to continue using the phone as your main phone as you will be missing out a lot of features, and whereas some apps will no longer support your outdated OS. 

3. The user and the usage

how long do iphones last

Phone usage play an important role on how long a phone will last eveh if the phone has a solid built quality and battery life. 

The user and how the iphone is being used is one major factor that determines how long the phone will last or probably the short lifespan.

You don’t expect a careless person to use a particular phone for more than two years, definitely the phone will get damage in a short period of time.

If it happens to fall multiple times and the screen will be replaced a multiple times, the charging port will get damaged so as the speaker and finally the battery. After several repairs, the phone is finally packed into the box.

If you’re a careless person, please don’t expect your iphone to last longer for you cause multiple falls damages the phone, and especially the speaker and the charging. Mind you I didn’t mention the screen.

For a careless person asking how long do iphones last, I will say a maximum of three years from what I’ve seen so far from people in this type of category.

Another factor that determines the lifespan of a phone is the usage.

This is where phone addicts defaults a lot.

You’re phone is always heating up, you wouldn’t let it be idle for an hour, every hour you’re playing online games, downloading, streaming online and can’t allow your phone to rest except when you’re sleeping in the night.

You’re charging your phone same time you’re using it to play games online.

All these load majorly goes to the battery and gradually the battery becomes weak, it loses charging within 30 minutes and can’t stay up to 10 hrs it used to be.

You’ll start to experience lagging and hanging on your iphone and which frustrate you a lot.

That’s it, the phone lifespan is coming to an end.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use your phone a lot, but do allow it to rest and cool off. Don’t use your phone while charging it unless there’s an emergency to use your phone and the battery is flat.

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For phone addicts asking how long do iphones last, I will say a maximum of three and half years. Whereas most phone addicts tends to change phone every year or every two years.

4. The operating system

This is where iphone beats android hands down.

That is the operating system version.

Having used the iPhone 6s plus for an example, the likes of iPhone 6 below are already outdated.

I can’t imagine using a phone which operating system version is already outdated. This is what Android users surfers a lot, and even if the phone is a flagship device. After two years, the phone is becoming worthless.

When you talk about how long do iphones last, the os version plays a major role. Once a phone OS version is outdated and there’s a new operating system version, every phone user will like to upgrade to that version.

Then what if your iPhone isn’t on the list of phones to receive the update?

Definitely, you’ll get pissed off and would want to buy a new phone.

New OS New features and every phone users would want to see what’s in the features after years of using the same operating system version.

Going back to the question on how long do iphones last based on this category, I will say five years cause that’s the maximum an old iPhone will take to stop receiving updates or the latest version.

This two are the major factors that determine how long do iphones last. Others includes the likes of RAM, battery life and other new features.

The more a phone or iphone ages, the battery lifespan reduces and also the RAM. One will start to experience slow starting, hanging or lagging.

It can be a lot annoying and frustrating when a phone starts to hang or lag, what comes up in the mind of the user is to do away with the phone and buy a new one. Some Android phones does this a lot.

The older they become, the slower they tends to be even during start up.

New phone features makes people to dump their old phones, trying out new features in the latest iphones, super camera specs and hardware. Most phone freaks can’t use a particular phone for more than two years even if it is very expensive.

Talking about how long do iphones last isn’t for them cause definitely they will change their iphone within one year or two years of usage.

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How long do iphones last on average? 

Iphones last an average of 4 years minimum.

I know why I said an average of four years cause an iphone released four years ago still worth more than an android phone released two years ago.

An iPhone released four years ago is still quite costly for some people compared to android phone released two years ago. So asking for the how long do iphones last on average, the answer is a minimum of four years.

How long should an iphone last

An iphone should last up to 6 years.

I have seen lots of people using the iphone 5 and 4s, so if you have an iPhone and it didn’t last up to at least five years, then you’re the cause of it. You’re very careful I must say.

My iPhone 6s plus is going to six years and I’m still making use it. It is my first iPhone so I don’t fancy giving it out just like I’m still having my Samsung Galaxy s3 which is my first android phone. Mind you, the Samsung Galaxy s3 is still working though the battery is becoming useless as days goes by.

The iPhone lifespan is very long compared to android phone major because of the hardware and also the software. This is the reason why iPhone lifespan averages five years compared to Android phone.

How long does an iPhone last before it needs to be replaced? 

An iphone needs to last for a good four years before it needs to be replaced. 

There are certain factors that made me to say four years though there’s no much difference between iphone 11 pro max and the iphone 14 pro max except for the design, the camera, and some other few features.

Once a phone gets laggy, the battery life has deteriorated, then you should be thinking of changing of the phone right away even if it still receive latest software updates. 

For me I will always recommend to replace your phone once it no longer receive software update or receive support from the manufacturer or network.

Related Questions

Can iPhone last 10 years?

A phone can last for 10 years though by then it won’t be supported anymore.

You can have this type of phone as your third phone or keep it for nolstagic moments.

Can I use my iPhone for 5 years?

Yes you can use an iphone for 5 years as it will receive both software and security updates. 

I’m still using iPhone x and I have seen a lot people that are using the iPhone 7 and 8 series.

As long as the phone is well maintained, you can easily use an iphone for a good 5 years before upgrading your phone to a new one.


How long do iphones last on average?

A minimum average three years though it should be up to six years unless you want to test and have something new, try out new features and camera. Most reason why people dump their old phones for a new latest iphone.

This is where i round it up on how long do iphones last, and for the last time I said for five years if you’re not a phone freak.

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