What does rejected call mean on Samsung? Explained

Checking your call log on your samsung phone and you came across this term rejected call, you got confused simply because you can’t really seem to figure out what it means.

You shouldn’t get a headache over the term.

Now the question we have here is;

What does rejected call mean on Samsung?

Rejected call on samsung means incoming calls that were declined by the recipient. In the real sense this is all about the calls which you didn’t answer but abruptly ended it after one or two rings. 

It can be very weird seeing rejected calls for a particular contact on your call log and you’re very much sure you’re not the one that rejected the call, it simply means someone declined your incoming call.

This explanation doesn’t end here as I will further explain all you need to know on question of rejected call meaning on Samsung phones.

What does rejected call mean on Samsung?

This means to end or decline an incoming call after one or two rings without the call going straight to the voicemail.

When a recipient sees an incoming call and immediately taps on the red button which is to decline an incoming call, the call will be seen as rejected call on your samsung phone.

However, I want you to try this out.

Get a mobile phone and dial your phone number. Immediately you see the incoming call, wait for a two seconds and decline or end the call.

Now open your phone app and tap on the number or the contact you rejected or declined it’s call, and you will see rejected call on the person’s call log just like on the picture below.

What does rejected call mean on Samsung

This is what rejected call looks like on a samsung phone.

So kindly note that all incoming calls you declined or rejected on your samsung phone will appear as rejected on the person’s call log or call history just like on the above picture.

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How to reject a call on samsung

To reject a call on samsung phone, immediately you see an incoming call on your samsung phone, quickly tap on the red button or wait for three seconds and tap on the red button.

By doing this, the call will be rejected or declined.

The funny aspect of this is that the caller will see number busy on it’s end. But if you continue rejecting a call, the caller will find you very suspicious especially if the phone ring for just two to three seconds and ends.

Checking a call history on samsung phone

To check a call history on samsung phone, kindly open the phone app and tap on any of the callers or contact on your recent call.

When you tap on the contact, you will see some options which include details. The details has an i symbol or icon just like on the picture below.

What happens when a call is rejected

If you tap on the i icon, it will display all the details of the contact or phone number including the call history.

Right there you will see all the missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls and the rejected calls depending on how you’re conversant with the contact or the phone number.

Having explained the question of what does rejected call mean on Samsung, the next will be, should you be rejecting people’s calls?

Honestly that will be very bad of you. Instead of you to abruptly reject a call, you should do this.

Forward the call straight to the voicemail

This is far more better than abruptly rejecting a call, the caller will see it as you’re very busy.

However, when a call is rejected on a samsung phone, it shows number busy on the callers side and this can be very confusing to the caller especially if he or she calls multiple times and you rejected it’s calls.

Insteas of doing this, rejecting a call on your samsung phone please forward the call straight to the voicemail. It will be very disrespectful to reject a call and for me I do find it very annoying if someone do it to me.

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How to know if someone is rejecting your call?

To know that someone or a recipient is rejecting your call, dial the number on your mobile phone and if start to ring and end within two seconds, one or two rings, then be rest assured that the recipient rejected your call. 

Sometimes network issues can cause such problem.

So I will advise you to call and if the calls abruptly ends within two or three seconds, or one or two rings, wait for at least fifteen minutes and try again.

If it persist, wait for about an hour or more and hide your number and contact the person again. You can as well use a number unknown to the recipient and call him or her.

In most cases the recipient will answer your call and you bare out your mind or inquire the reason why he or she is rejecting your call.

What happens when a call is rejected?

When a call is rejected, the caller will see it as number busy depending on the type of phone you’re using, and the call will end immediately. You can’t speak to the caller immediately you reject a caller.

Seriously i found this question quite funny cause immediately you press or tap on the call reject button, the call ends immediately. So I don’t know people ask what happens when a call is rejected.

Rejecting a call means I don’t want to answer the call and the ringing is very much disturbing. Instead of allowing the call to end on it’s own, you decide to tap on the reject call button.

Instead of rejecting a call, kindly forward the call straight to the voicemail unless you don’t give a damn about the caller.

How to call someone that keeps rejecting your call

To call someone who keeps on rejecting your calls, kindly hide your caller ID and dial the number on your smartphone. 

But you shouldn’t do thor immediately. 

You can wait for a couple of hours to pass before you hide your number to call the person once again on your samsung phone. What is involved is to go to the phone app, tap on the hamburger menu and select SETTINGS.

Tap on Supplementary Servicesand right there you will be presented with options which includes Show Caller ID. 

Tap on Show Caller ID and select hide number. 

What follows next is to call the person that keeps rejecting your call. However, if the person is not the kind that answer’s private call, this may not be neccesarily useful for you. 

So when it says call rejected, it simply means that the recipient didn’t block your number on it’s cellphone, but instead rejects every of your incoming calls. This is very popular on samsung phones and tablets, though I’ve seen such on other android phones and tablets.


This is where I will wrap it up on the question of the day, what does rejected call mean on Samsung phone. I’ve explained all you need to know and this isn’t difficult to understand as long as you have a samsung phone with you.

When you press on the red button during an incoming call, it will be seen as rejected call on your call history though on the caller’s side he or she will see it as number busy because that’s what is displayed on the screen of the caller immediately you tapped on the red button or rejects a call.

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