If you unblock someone on iphone will they know? Explained

Looking at the question we have here if you unblock someone on iphone will they know, this pretty much shows that you are very much concerned on the possibility that a blocked user will know when unblocked by you.

However, I don’t see the reason why you be bothered at all.

But the truth is many a time we wouldn’t  want a blocked person or a number to know that he or she have unblocked on our iPhone especially if the person was a nuisant.

This brings about the question of the day.

If you unblock someone on iphone will they know?

If you unblock someone on iphone the person will never know as the person won’t be notified about the unblocking except if the person tries to call your number or send a text message. 

if you unblock someone on iphone will they know

Normally, a blocked person won’t even know about the unblocking especially if you blocked the person for a long period of time. Aside from that, once someone knows that you have already blocked it’s number on your iPhone, the person will likely go ahead to get rid of your number as well.

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For me, once I found out that someone blocked my number on it’s mobile phone, I won’t hesitate to get rid of the person’s number off my phone and wouldn’t care if the person later unblocked me or not.

That’s the case because blocking means you don’t want to receive calls or text messages from the person or have anything to do with person as long as mobile phone is involved.

How will the person know you have unblocked it’s phone number

Honestly, the person will only know by chance as he or she won’t be notified anout the unblocking. If you have blocked the person for a very long time, then there’s a likelihood the person wouldn’t know at all unless you try to send a text message to the number or maybe call the person.

Now the question is how will the person know you have unblocked it’s phone numbe?

First, this will occur by chance.

1. Through sending of text messages

A person can only know if unblocked on iphone simply by sending a text message, once the sms text message gets delivered to the recipient then the person will know he or she has been unblocked.

This is possible if the person remembered you and wants to try to see if things has returned back to normal, but it is likely not to occur as a blocked person wouldn’t even want to contact you again.

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2. Through phone calls

Phone calls is another way to know if one have been unblocked on both iphone or android phone, once a call went through then it simply means that the person have been unblocked.

3. Through facetime

FaceTime is another way to know if unblocked on iphone. Once someone is blocked on iphone, facetime will never go through but if unblocked facetime will go through.

These are the ways to know if unblocked as one wouldn’t get a notification if unblocked on iphone.

How do you unblock a blocked iPhone?

Now you feel like you don’t want to keep thid very contact or number blocked in your iPhone and wants to unblock the person, here’s how to go about it.

To unblock someone on iphone, get started by opening the settings app, scroll down and tap on phone.

Scroll down a bit and you will see blocked contacts and tap on the edit button. Now you will see that all the blocked contacts in your list will have a red minus ➖ sign beside them, on the number you want to unblock on your iPhone kindly tap on the red minus sign beside the contact.

It will display an unblock button, then you have to tap on the unblock button and that’s it. You have successfully unblocked the number on your iPhone and can now receive calls, text messages from the number, and also call the number and send text messages as well.

Remember that when you block someone on iphone, facetime will be disabled for that very contact but immediately you unblock the number, you can do facetime with the contact.

For me, if you unblock someone on your iPhone, it is much better to send the person a text message saying hello, how are you doing.

But only if you care at all.

For the fact that you unblocked someone on your iPhone simply means you cared for the person, so you should let the person know that he or she has been unblocked by sending a text message saying hello.

How do you know if someone unblocks you on iMessage?

To know if someone has unblocked you on imessage, all you have to do is to send an imessage to the person and once it shows delivered then be rest assured that you have been unblocked on imessage.

Again, imessage doesn’t notify someone when unblocked and you can only know by sending imessage to the recipient. Once the message gets delivered, that’s it. You have been unblocked.

When you block someone on iPhone and then unblock them what happens?

When you block someone on on iphone and unblock the person, the person will now be able to send text messages to you, call your number and also receive calls from you. FaceTime will now be available for the unblocked person.

Do you think blocking and unblocking someone on your iPhone will burst your mobile phone or cause damage to it, absolutely not going to have happen.

Once you blocked the person on your iPhone, the person won’t be able to reach you as long as it involves calls, sms text messages and facetime. But immediately you unblocked the person, all these will be available to the person and you as well can call the person or send text messages.

Kindly note when you block someone on your iPhone, you cannot call the person or send a text message until you unblock the person.

I’m saying this because there are some people that do think when you block someone on Iphone or even android phone, only the person won’t be able to call your their line or send a text message. But that isn’t the case as both parties won’t be able to call or send sms text message to each other.

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If you unblock someone on iphone, do you get their texts?

If you unblock someone on iphone, you won’t receive previous sent messages unless the person will have to resend the text messages once again.

Once you block someone on your iPhone, sent text messages will be blocked and failed to get delivered even after unblocking the number on your iPhone. So in this type of situation you have to ask the person to resend the blocked text messages.

If the person agrees and resend the text messages then you will receive it on your iPhone.

Asking if you unblock someone on iphone will they know, they won’t know as they won’t get a notification about the unblocking except if they contact your phone number.


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