Solid explorer pro apk candid review

Solid explorer pro apk is one of the best file manager for android phone and tablet in 2022. The mobile app contains lots of features that the default Android file manager never had at all.

If you don’t fancy your android file manager and also the Google my files, I recommend solid explorer pro apk to you.

Solid explorer pro apk review

This is my candid review of the Solid explorer pro apk file manager for android smartphones.


Starting by the design of the file manager app, I must admit that I don’t really fancy that at all. I prefer the Samsung my files design compared to this solid explorer pro apk.

The fonts are faint and would have preferred it being quite bold especially for those with poor eyesight like me.

There are eight themes for you to select from, these includes;

  • White
  • Onyx
  • Auto White + Onyx
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Black
  • Auto light + dark
  • Auto light + black

I pref the black theme to any other available theme, especially at the night. Again the black theme makes the solid explorer pro apk look beautiful compared to other themes.

The file manager app for android also gives you the option to select your preferred color and accent color.

There are so many colors on the list to select from.

You just have to set the Solid explorer pro apk based on your scale of preference.


The Solid explorer mobile app offers the best in a file manager app. There are lots of features and functions on the application, including the FTP server. Though one needs to activate it before using the FTP server feature.

You can set the folder in such a way that it displays their sizes without you clicking on them one after the other to know the folder details which includes their sizes.

In order to do this, open the solid explorer pro apk and tap on the options button like in the picture below.

Solid explorer pro apk

Select folder options and tick show folder size. You can choose to tick or untick some of the options given to you.

When you’re done, press back and you’ll see the folder sizes. This helps you to know the folders that are taking up large space in your device’s internal storage or external SD card.

On the Solid explorer pro apk navigation, I rate it 8/10. It is quite easy to understand and to navigate through even if it is your very first time using the application.

You’ll see your smartphone internal storage and SD card if you have one, recent files, photos, videos, documents, applications, trash bin, etc.

What I love so much about the Solid explorer pro apk which is one hundred percent lacking in the Samsung my files is the application feature.

The application features give you the option to view all the installed applications on your android phone.

They are categorized into;

The apk files folder are the android apks files that you download from your mobile browser other than the Google play store.

The system apps as we’ll know are the apps that came pre-installed on your android phone. Then the user apps are all the installed apps on your android phone and tablet.

Here comes the feature I like about the Solid explorer pro apk, and that is the option to copy an apk file to your device’s internal or external storage.

To do so, open the user app folder and locate the apps you want to move or to copy. Tap hold to mark the apps and select the copy button like on the picture below.

Solid explorer pro apk

After tapping on the copy button to copy the apps, press the back button until you reach the destination which you want to paste the copied apps. Kindly paste the apps into the folder and it will appear as an apk file.

The reason why I love this is because installing apps from the Google play store doesn’t give the user the opportunity to have the raw apk file, but using this solid explorer pro apk, you’ll have the raw apk file using the above method.

There is some pre-installed file manager for android that doesn’t have the trash bin folder, downloading and installing the Solid explorer pro apk gives you this option.

The purpose of the trash can is to temporarily delete apps or files from your android phone. However, if you want to permanently delete the apps or files from your android phone, then you need to clear up the trash bin.

This works very similarly to the computer trash bin.

Clearing the trash bin folder releases space in your android phone internal storage.

File encryption 

Solid explorer pro apk gives you the option to encrypt files on your android phone.

For example, you want to share files online but want to lock the file, you don’t have to use your pc or computer for that. Solid explorer pro apk gives you the option to lock up files using the encrypted feature.

This requires you to type in a password and verify the password and finally lock up the file.

You can even lock up the entire files in your android internal and external storage using the encrypt option, and if a user needs to access or view your files, will first have to type in the password.

If you have an important file(s) in your android phone which you don’t want a third party to view, the encrypt feature on Solid explorer pro apk helps you with that.

No need of downloading and installing a file protection app from the play store, this mobile file manager for android helps you with that.

To protect your files using the Solid explorer pro apk, open the application and go to the internal storage or external storage.

Go to the folder where the files are located and tap to open. To protect or encrypt the files, tap-hold on the first file and tap on the others to select.

Having select all the files you want to protect, tap on the options button below and you’ll see encrypt like it is on the picture below.

Android file manager

Tap on the encrypt, enter the password you want to use for the file protection, and retype the password again.

Finally, tap on encrypt to encrypt or lock up the files.

You can choose to use the fingerprint feature for the Solid explorer pro apk file encrypt feature.

Hide folder

With Solid explorer pro apk, you can easily hide any folder in your android phone’s internal or external storage. This only works for folders and not files.

For example, you want to hide a photo folder on your phone from a third party person, simply use this mobile file manager app to do so.

It only requires you to open the Solid explorer pro apk, go to your internal or external SD card, and the folder you want to hide.

Tap hold on the folder and tap on the options icon. You’ll see where it states Hide like on the picture below.

Best file manager for android

Tapping on the hide icon hides the folder immediately and no third party can view the folder other than you.

In this case, I prefer the Samsung secure folder, as it gives you the option to use your fingerprint or eyes to lock or unlock the folders or files.

Again the Samsung secure folder works on all files, be it apk file, zip, mp3, mp46, avi, documents, etc. The hidden feature in the Solid explorer pro apk only works with folders and not files.

To locate the hidden folder on the Solid explorer pro apk, on the application, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll where it states hidden folders.

Tap on it to open and you’ll see all the hidden folders.

However, I noticed that the hidden features in the Solid explorer pro apk didn’t work on my Samsung galaxy s9 plus, but did on my LG g8. Maybe because the Samsung secure folder is activated on my phone.


Explore your device

Solid Explorer mobile application lets you navigate to files stored on your android phone and automatically organizes them into collections.

You can view, delete, move, rename, or share any files. The mobile file manager for android also allows you to quickly find the files you need through indexed search with filters.

Keep your files safe

Solid Explorer pro apk can protect selected files with strong AES encryption and put them in a secure folder, which contents are unreadable for other apps.

The file manager app for android will ask for a password or fingerprint confirmation when you browse the folder.

Even if you uninstall Solid Explorer, the files stay on your device and are still protected.

Keep your files safe

Although this file manager app for android doesn’t feature a dedicated storage analyzer, you can find out which files take up most of the space by going to folder properties of internal storage or SD card.

You will find the information about the percentage of space each folder takes and the list of the biggest files.

You can also use the search with a file size filter.

Organize remote files

Lastly, Solid Explorer pro apk supports major network protocols and cloud providers to let you organize multiple remote file locations in one place.

You can easily transfer files between cloud locations/servers just by dragging them from one panel to another.

Download Solid explorer pro apk

It is left for you to download and install the file manager for android phone and tablet using the links below.

Download from datafilehost – Solid explorer pro apk

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That’s all I have for you on Solid explorer pro apk review, all that is required from you is to download the mobile file manager for android and explorer all the features.

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