2 Best ways to download from audiomack app

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Here comes another tutorial I have for you guys, and that is how to download from audiomack app with the best method I have for you guys.

Audiomack is one of the best apps that gives you the privilege to listen to your best songs or music and also featured all the music artists across the world.

With Audiomack app, you can listen to any music of your choice, both old music or recently released songs.

However, there is a problem, and that is downloading Audiomack mp3 to your smartphone.

Be it an android phone or probably iPhone.

This is why I’m here to help you with that, to download from audiomack app straight to your smartphone, and not just listen to your favorite song and flip back.

With this method I’ve for you, you don’t have to register on the Audiomack app just to download your favorite song from the mobile app.

No registration is required at all, all you need to do is to download and install the app and follow my tutorial.

But first, let me explain the features and benefits of having Audiomack app on your smartphone, before diving into how to download from audiomack.

About Audiomack app

If you’re looking for the best place to stream and download the best new songs, albums, and playlists for free and play them offline data-free, Audiomack app gives you all that you needed.

The music application is really superb especially with the interface, to download from audiomack isn’t difficult if you registered with them.

With the Audiomack app for android and iPhone, you can browse music from top categories like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Afropop, and Reggae on the Audiomack free music app.

The best part of the Audiomack mp3 is the option to download songs and listen to downloaded songs offline, without using your internet data.

Audiomack app provides you with streaming and free download access to the newest and hottest tracks, right at your fingertips, and no matter where you find yourself.

The app free music download feature allows you to play your favorite songs offline, and our proprietary “Trending” section shows you the best albums and songs that are hot right now.

How to download from audiomack.


  • Find & stream music and mixtapes that are new or trending. Be the first of your friends to be up on what’s next.
    • Download songs and albums for offline, data-free listening.
    • Unlimited listening & streaming – play as much Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Electronic, Reggae & dancehall music as you want.
    • Favorite tracks, albums, and playlists and easily search, browse, and shuffle your favorites collection.
    • Browse expertly curated playlists by mood, genre, and much more.
    • Create unlimited playlists of your own.
    • Follow your favorite artists, producers, and tastemakers including 21 Savage, Young Thug, Future, and more.
    • Go ad-free for just $4.99 per month or stay free forever

How to download from audiomack

There are two methods or ways that you can download from audiomack, the first method is the official method, while the second method is using my own method which I love so much.

This only works using your android phone or iPhone.

That is to say that to download from audiomack you need to use your smartphone as this tutorial involves the Audiomack app.

So let’s get started.

1. Download from audiomack using the official method

In case you’re a newbie, to download from audiomack app using the official method gives you the option to download and listen to the song or mp3 offline.

However, the downloaded song will not be saved or stored in your smartphone’s internal storage.

It will only be stored in the Audiomack app, and to listen to the song, you have to open the app and locate the song by going to my library. 

In that very place (my library) you’ll see all the downloaded songs, and which you can play them offline.

That is internet connection isn’t required to play the songs.

This is how the official way of downloading songs from Audiomack app works.

Now let me show you how to do it and later download from audiomack.

First, you need to download and install Audiomack app on your android phone or iPhone.

Download Audiomack app for android

Download Audiomack mobile app for IOS

Having downloaded and installed the app on your smartphone, open it, and create your account.

Creating a new account on audiomack can be quite difficult and troublesome, so I recommend you to create your account using their official website.

Simply do that by going through this Audiomack website.

After creating your account, open the Audiomack app on your device and tap login.

If you’re confused about how to login on to the application, open a song and click on download. It will give you the option to log in to the application.

Simply do that and proceed with how to download from audiomack.

Here we go.

To download from audiomack app, locate your preferred song which you want to download and tap to open.

When it opens, you’ll see where it states download.

Download from audiomack app


Tap on that download button and immediately the song will start to download. You’ll receive a notification when the download is complete and it will state that you can now listen to the music or song offline.

Honestly, I so much hate this method provided by the company in order to download from audiomack.

No matter what you do, you can’t save, store, or move the downloaded song to your smartphone internal storage.

To play the downloaded song or mp3, you have to open the Audiomack app on your smartphone and play the song.

Lot’s of music free music app does this a lot but I found a good solution to that.

This is where I come up with my very method to download from audiomack app and saved it to your smartphone.

2. Download from audiomack using the unofficial method

You may be wondering what this method is all about, but I can tell you that it is the best method when it comes to how to download from audiomack.

It only requires your smartphone, be it android or iPhone.

Then your phone needs to have a screen record and if it doesn’t, I recommend you download a screen video recorder for media.

There are lots of them in the Google play store and Apple iTunes store for you to download and install.

Pick a good one and install it on your device.

Screen recorder plays a huge role when it comes to how to download from audiomack app.

Having downloaded and installed a very good screen recorder, open the Audiomack app on your smartphone and locate the song you want to download.

Even though I said to download from audiomack, this isn’t just about downloading from the application, but rather getting a song from the app to play offline.

How do you do that? 

Keep on reading and don’t stop until the very end of this post on how to download from audiomack app.

Locate the song you want to download on the application, start your screen recorder, and please make sure you only set it to media sound.

Setting it to media gives a very good sound quality when you’re done with everything.

For example, I’m using the screen recorder on my Samsung galaxy s9 plus and I set it to media sound only. This prevents noise from the background to interfere with the screen recording.

There are lots of apps that can provide you with such features.

Let’s continue on how to download from audiomack app.

Having found the song you want to download, open the screen recording app and start it immediately.

Go to the audiomack app and start playing the song, allow it to finish or reaches the end of the music, and then stop the screen recorder. Save the recorded video on your phone.

Here comes the next thing to do.

You’ll have to download this very app called video to mp3 converter mobile app.

This mobile mp3 converter will help to convert the recorded video into an mp3 file.

I use this application to convert all my videos to mp3 without any hitches at all. It so fast, very easy, and convenient to use.

For iPhone users, I recommend you guys to search for a video to mp3 converter and you’ll see a list of them. Check out people’s comments to know which is the best and install it on your iPhone.

Having downloaded and installed the Video to mp3 converter mobile app on your smartphone, open the application.

Select video to audio by tapping on the button.

You’ll see a list of folders containing videos, select the folder you saved the recorded video.

The folder might be named screen recordings or any other recording.

Open the folder and tap on the recorded video. Immediately you do that, the recording will start to play, you can choose to pause it or leave it to play.

Download from audiomack app


Look down to where it states format and select between mp3 or AAC.

Since the main motive of this post is how to download from audiomack app, you have to select mp3.

On the other side is the bitrate. This gives you the option to select the mp3 bitrate which you preferred most.

For me, I prefer 320kbps as it provides a good quality sound compared to others. Though, the higher the bitrate, the bigger the mp3 file size.

Select all the options that you need and tap on convert.

It will convert the recorded video to mp3 within few seconds and finally, you’re ready to play the mp3 file.

To locate the new mp3 on your smartphone, go to your device internal storage and scroll down to mp3 converter folder. Tap to open and also open the folder called extracted audio and you’ll see the new converted mp3 file.

Is this method to download from audiomack app difficult for you?

Absolutely no.

It isn’t at all though it may seem long in the real sense it is not. Just download the video to mp3 converter and screen recorder app and you’re good to go.

I know that most of you will be looking for downloading files, but I can tell you that I use this very method to get songs from these music apps that prevent a user from downloading straight to the internal storage.

This is what I use when it comes to how to download from audiomack app and it has been working for me. I’ve tons of mp3 files or Audiomack mp3 using this very method.

So what prevents you from doing the same.

At the end of the day, you have lots of Audiomack mp3 files on your device and play them offline and without opening the Audiomack app.

Best Screen Recording App For Android

As I said that it is good to use the best screen recording app when it comes to how to download from audiomack, I’ve provided you with the list of them I’ve tried so far.

They are as follows;

1. GU Screen Recorder with sound 

One of my best screen recorder for android, and I do make use of it anytime I’m not in need of the Samsung default screen recorder.

For this tutorial on how to download from audiomack app, I recommend this very screen recording app to cause it gives quality sound and also clear and sharp video recording.

Download and install GU screen recorder with sound from the Google play store.

As you’re set to download from audiomack using the above method or tutorial, open the GU recording app and set it up.

Opening the application, tap on the settings button like on the picture below.

Audiomack mp3

Opening the settings, set the video settings to your preferred but my area of concentration is where it states record audio. 

Turn it on and below it, it gives you two options for the audio recording.

  1. External audio (media and entertainment audio)
  2. Internal audio (media audio only)

As this post is all about how to download from audiomack app, select internal audio. 

Download from audiomack

After you’re done with the settings, open the Audiomack app, and locate the song you want to record.

Start the GU screen recorder and play the song immediately.

Immediately the song reaches the end, stop the GU screen recorder and it will automatically save the video.

To this process to all the videos, you want to download from audiomack app and record all of them. After you’re through, open the video to mp3 app on your smartphone and you’ll see a folder named GU recorder.

Tap to open the folder and you’ll see all the recordings you did on the Audiomack app. One after the other select and convert them into an mp3 file.

After you’re done with the conversion, you can play the Audiomack mp3 from your smartphone internal storage or any music app on your phone.

2. Screen recorder, video recorder, v recorder editor 

The next screen recorder app I have for you on how to download from audiomack app is the Screen recorder, video recorder, v recorder editor app for android.

The app work similarly to the screen recorder app above, and offer quality media sound and a sharp screen recorder.

To use the app for this method on how to download from audiomack app, download and install the Screen recorder, video recorder, v recorder editor app on your android phone.

Go to the settings, scroll down to record audio, and select internal audio (media audio only).

This feature prevents an external sound or voice from interrupting the song during recording.

You can only select external audio (media and environments audio) if you’re making a tutorial or tips and wants your voice to be heard during recording.

In this case of to download from audiomack app tutorial, we only need the internal audio (media audio only) sound.

Open the screen recorder app same time as the Audiomack app.

Locate the songs you want to record, start the screen recorder app and immediately start playing the songs.

After you’re done with the recordings, open the video to mp3 and you’ll see the newly recorded videos.

One by one, select and convert them into an mp3 file.

Play the converted Audiomack mp3 files using any music app on your android phone offline or without an internet connection.

No need whatsoever in opening the Audiomack app in order to play the converted mp3 files.

For iPhone users

Use the methods above and you wouldn’t bother playing Audiomack mp3 using the application.

Use your iPhone for the screen recording, and when you’re done, follow the tutorial below to convert the videos to mp3 files.

Just like how to download from audiomack.

I recommend you to search for MyMP3 in the App Store, download and install the app.

Open the MyMP3 app on your iPhone and tap the magnifying glass in the top-right, then select “Choose video from gallery.”

Allow access shown to you, and locate the video you want to convert, click on it, then click “Choose.”

The video will be compressed into an audio file or into an mp3 file and will be available on the home screen of the MyMP3 app.

To verify that everything went successfully, tap on the converted mp3 file to play the song.

The last thing you need to do is to move the mp3 file to your iPhone files. To do so, click on the three dots to the right of the file, and save it to your files.


Using these methods, you won’t find it a problem having Audiomack mp3 files right inside your smartphone internal storage other than the app itself.

That’s all I have for you guys on how to download from audiomack app, I’m open to your questions and suggestions.

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