Does mms cost money? All you need to know

Mms messaging, one of the means of sending pictures, videos, gifs, emojis, etc from one cell phone to another especially back during the days of feature phones and when Nokia was dominating the mobile market.

Right now in 2022, we still have quite a number of persons that use mms messaging to send multimedia messages. This brings about the question being asked on the internet.

Does mms cost money?

MMS do cost money but this depends on the user’s carrier network as some network provider takes charges from cellular data plan.

Before going ahead to use mms on your cell phone, I recommend you to first contact your network service provider and make inquiries if they support mms messaging and how you go about it.

Why I’m saying this is because some network providers no longer support mms messaging now we have better options in form of imessage, whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, android rcs chat feature, etc.

02 network may charge their network subscribers for sending mms messages while three network will not do that but instead take charges from the mobile data.

Before going further into the article of does mms cost money, there are certain things that you should know about mms messaging and the are listed below.


  • MMS messaging requires an active sim card and cellular network service in sending mms messages.
  • MMS messaging requires an active data plan else it won’t be delivered.
  • MMS messaging don’t work with Wi-Fi.

These are the three major things that you should know when it comes to sending mms messages on your cell phone.

does mms cost money

Does mms cost money?

Yes mms messaging do cost money but it all goes down to the network service provider and how they charge their subscribers for mms messages.

This is why I recommend you to first contact your network service provider and inquire details about mms messaging more especially if they are still supporting it. If the answer is yes then yo should inquire about the charges unless the charge through mobile data.

Is mms messaging free?

MMS messaging isn’t free as network service providers usually charge their subscribers mms messages, though it some rare cases network service providers may offer free mms messaging.

But it is very rare to see.

You will get charged from your phone bill or data plan. So either you have an active phone bill or an active cellular mobile data on your cell phone in order to send mms messages.

Why do I get charged for MMS messages?

The reason why someone will be charged for sending mms messages is because through the network service provider one can send mms messages. Because of this you must have an active sim card, cellular network service and a data plan on your cell phone.

Remember that you can’t use a Wi-Fi to send mms messages instead you will need a cellular data. But if you are not pleased with the fact that you are being charged for MMS messages, you have lots of better options for sending multimedia messages.

These options are;

  • Imessage
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Facebook messenger
  • Android rcs chat
  • Telegram
  • Google voice

In order to avoid getting charged while using mms messaging you should use any of these instant messaging services I listed above and they are way better than mms messaging.

Using mms messaging in 2022 is very old fashioned unless you want to have the feeling of feature phones back then in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Right now I don’t see the need and the reason to use mms messaging unless you want to go back to the good old days.

How much does it cost to send an MMS?

The cost of sending mms messages depend on the network service provider though it usually start from $0.23 and the size of the multimedia message.

To send mms on your cell phone first you need to check out the pricing to see if it is not expensive for you. But bear in mind that the larger the file size the higher the charges will be. To completely avoid the cost of sending mms messages i recommend you to use iMessage, rcs chat, whatsapp or Google voice in sending multimedia messages on your cell phone.

How can i send free picture messages?

To send free picture messages, I recommend using Google voice, imessage, whatsapp or any of the instant messaging apps to send free messages on your cell phone.

The likes of whatsapp, imessage, Skype, telegram, Facebook messenger, etc will require the recipient to also have an account with these instant messaging apps and the app installed on the recipient phone.

However, with Google voice you can send picture messages to any phone number without the person or the recipient having a google voice account. So in this type of situation I recommend using google voice but only if it is available in your region.

Does it cost money to send pictures on text?

Yes it does cost money to send pictures on text messages because the message will be sent as mms messaging and which is not free unless the service network provider is offering free mms messaging.

Also bear in mind that mms messages don’t expire as they will remain in the phone until they are deleted by the phone user.

Related Questions

Why are MMS so expensive?

MMS messages are expensive because it involves sending files like pictures, videos clips, gifs which are relatively large in size compared to normal sms text message. However, the cosd of sending mms goes down to the network service provider and their charges.

So f mms messaging is expensive for you, bead in mind that it is your network provider that made it that way.

How much do MMS cost on o2?

As at April 2020, sending mms messages will now cost 65p instead of the previous 55p. Also the maximum file size will be 300kbs and that can’t be exceeded.

In all these to avoid the cost of sending mms messages on your cell phone, kindly use any of the instant messaging apps or services and you are good to go. If you are using iPhone you better use imessage and for android you can use rcs chat or whatsapp and Co to send multimedia messages.

Once again asking does mms cost money, the answer is yes but it depends on your network service provider.

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