What happens if you shutdown your iPhone? Here’s what happens

Shutting down or rebooting of a mobile phone helps to resolve some certain issues but a minimal one, though I don’t see the reason to be shutting down a phone always.

Now, the question being asked online especially in forums is;

What happens if you shutdown your iPhone?

When you shutdown your iPhone, nothing will function anymore including alarm or network services. Your phone will be inactive and unreachable until you powered it on. 

This is the simple explanation I can give for this question and remember shutdown iphone simply means to power off the iphone.

Do you think shutting down your iPhone will damage it or cause havoc to the iPhone which you may start to experience hitches!

I don’t see any harm rebooting an iphone cause I have done it especially if there’s a minor issue with my iphone.

To make things more clear as this question of what happens if you shutdown your iPhone might seem to confuse some number of persons, first you should understand what shutting down a phone means.

What does shutdown means in a phone.

This means to completely shut down a mobile phone hardware, including all the apps both offline or running in the background, and all the functions of the phone.

Normally, the term shutdown is used in the computer and not in mobile phones including the iPhone, and that is why the topic of the post on what happens if you shutdown your iPhone might seem confusing to most people.

In mobiles you will see restart or reboot, and power off.

In this aspect of what happens if you shut down iphone, we are talking about power off the iphone.

In iphones or any other mobile phones like Android or a feature phone, you will never see shutdown. The term shutdown is used for computer or probably in Microsoft windows.

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Now let’s head back to the question once again.

What happens if you shutdown your iPhone?

Nothing will happen other than your iPhone system hardware will be completely shutdown along with apps and other functions of the iPhone.

However, it doesn’t cause any harm or problem to the iPhone.

what happens if you shutdown your iPhone

This is just like when someone is asking what happens if you power off your iPhone?

Definitely nothing will happen as the iPhone will remain inactive until it is powered on.

There are certain things or situations that will make us to power off our iphones or mobile phone, and some of them including the followings;

1. When the iphone is having an issue

There are some minor issues one will experience in an iphone and the first solution to resolve the problem is by powering off the iphone.

This works perfectly well when a mobile phone or the iPhone is hanging or lagging, powering off the iPhone helps to resolve this type of problem based on my own experience.

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2. You don’t want to be disturb

Irrespective of the fact that we now have he do not disturb mode and the old airplane mode, some few persons still prefer to completely power off their iphones to avoid being disturbed will calls and text messages.

3. When there’s a serious lightning and thunderstorm

Sometimes I found myself doing this or whenever there is a serious thunderstorm. But mostly there’s a thunderstorm I do enable the airplane mode on my iPhone or any other mobile phone.

Some of these are the reasons why one might power off it’s mobile phone.

Is it OK to power off iPhone at Night?

I don’t see anything wrong in having your iPhone turned on all through the entire night, as long as you kept it but far away from your body.

Is it OK to power off iPhone at night

I don’t recommend turning off your phone at night or even putting the phone in airplane mode because of unforseen circumstances.

This might be an emergency call from your family or neighbour. Once I’ve received an emergency call from my neighbour in the midnight, it was a call for plea.

Had it been my phone was switched off in that very night, there’s no way she would have reached me.

Since then I said to myself that there’s nothing that will make me switch off my phone at night or enable airplane mode when I’m sleeping at night. Instead I will keep the phone but far away from my body.

What happens if I force restart my iPhone?

When you force restart your iPhone, it will deliberately cut off the power from your iPhone battery to its hardware, and in turn will make your iPhone to lose power and shut down.

You don’t go about performing a force restart on your iPhone unless you’re having a problem like hanging, lagging, freezing, or a battery issue.

Thie is also similar to shutting down a phone or what happens if you shutdown your iPhone.

Related Questions

Is turning off your iPhone the same as rebooting?

No, turning off the iPhone is different from rebooting. In turning off the iPhone, every programs, apps running in the phone will be completely shutdown from the iPhone system and hardware, while in rebooting running programs are still loaded into the iPhone memory.

This is the difference between turning off and rebooting in mobile phone or the iPhone.

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What happens when you turn off find my iphone

When you turn off find my iphone, it will make it very impossible to find your iPhone on a map if the phone get lost.

Also I’ve seen where some number of persons stated that the reason they turned off their iPhone was because they don’t want to be tracked. And that’s true.

So turning off find my iphone will not do harm to your iPhone but rather it will make it very impossible to locate or to find if your iPhone is lost.

With all explained, I do hope to have given you the best answer you need on what happens if you shutdown your iPhone. However, you can go ahead and shutdown your iPhone and see what happens.

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