Do i need cellular on my ipad? Yes and here’s why

On mobile, all mobile phones has a sim slot which is made for cellular network activity like data, calls and text messages.

However, the case is quite different on tablet as quite a number of tablets are not built in such a way to use it for calls and text messages. But the truth is that most high end tablet be it android or Apple has a sim card slot, and a provision for a cellular data.

This brings about the question of the day. 

do i need cellular on my ipad

Do i need cellular on my ipad? 

You don’t necessarily need a cellular data on your iPad if you have an available iPhone with you and which can act as a hotspot in case there is no available Wi-Fi around you. 

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you went to a certain location with your iPad to browse and do some other things but to find out that there’s no available Wi-Fi in that area.

It can be be painfully annoying.

Having a Wi-Fi iPad is very okay but in certain occasion you may feel very handicapped ig you happen to find yourself in an area where there’s no Wi-Fi or a free Wi-Fi. In this aspect, iPad with a cellular network can easily switch over to cellular data until there is an available Wi-Fi.

Aside from cellular data, you can easily send a text message or receive calls if you have cellular network service on your iPad. On Wi-Fi ipad, you can’t make cellular calls and send text messages except in the case of iMessage and facetime.

There is no doubt that iPad with a cellular network has a big advantage over Wi-Fi iPad and that which i will explain to you as it will help you to understand and answer the question being asked on do i need cellular on my ipad.

Understanding Wi-Fi iPad and cellular iPad

If you are planning to buy an iPad, there are two types of iPad in the market and they are;

There is no major difference between them other than some features which involves the cellular network service. Before going ahead to buy a new iPad, you should first ask yourself if at all you should go for Wi-Fi only iPad or that of cellular iPad. 

For a better understanding, I will explain to you what you should know about Wi-Fi only iPad and cellular iPad. 

Wi-Fi only iPad 

This type of iPad has only the Wi-Fi as it means of internet connectivity as there’s no sim slot or cellular network service made available. 

Because of the fact that there is not cellular data available on Wi-Fi iPad, you can’t attain the best internet speed compared to when using a cellular iPad. 

Lastly Wi-Fi iPad don’t have a GPS and this whicg is very much available on cellular iPad. It looks so pretty cool using your iPad as your GPS while driving and thanks to the large screen display. 

Cellular iPad 

This type of iPad has a cellular network service made available, that is to say there is a sim slot in cellular iPad. You can insert a sim card into the iPad, receive calls and make calls as well, receive text messages and send text messages as well without requiring any third party apps or services. 

If you are looking to get the best internet speed for your iPad, go for cellular iPad with 5G network support, and you will never regret spending extra $300 to get the iPad.

Aside from internet, cellular iPad has a GPS whilst it is very much lacking in Wi-Fi only iPad. 

Note: Cellular iPad is cost more than Wi-Fi only iPad and the difference is usually between $200 to $300 depending on where you want to buy the iPad. 

Major advantage of cellular iPad over Wi-Fi iPad

Below are the list of major advantage of cellular iPad over Wi-Fi iPad and also the reason why cellular iPad are costly compared to Wi-Fi only iPad. 

1. Being able to make and receive calls

Without requiring any third party app or services like the google voice, with a cellular ipad you can Mahe and receive calls both from iPhone users and android users.

However, if you only have a Wi-Fi iPad you can’t enjoy this but rather you will require any third party apps like the google voice to make and receive calls just like the normal cellular call services.

2. Being able to send and receive messages

This is where Wi-Fi ipad can be so annoying especially when trying to contact an android user. The only option you have is the google services as it works like the normal cellular network in terms of calls and text messages. 

Though the likes of whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc comes in handy but the other person must have these apps installed on their device in order to receive text messages from you.

3. Comes in handy when Wi-Fi is not available

This is one major disadvantage of buying a Wi-Fi iPad, not being able to browse when there’s no available Wi-Fi around you.

With a cellular iPad, you can easily switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data and continue with your browsing though you must have an active data plan on your iPad.

If you are buying a Wi-Fi only iPad, please make sure you have an iPhone with you that has an active data plan so as not to feel frustrated when there is no available Wi-Fi for your internet activity.

4. Internet speed matters a lot

Do you know that if you want to attain the highest internet speed be it on a smartphone or tablet is to go direct and don’t tether your phone to another device through Wi-Fi.

If you want to enjoy the best internet speed on your iPad, I recommend you going for cellular iPad with a 5G network. The speed is simply amazing compared to when using a Wi-Fi on your iPad.

For example, you may be getting an internet speed of 70mbps with Wi-Fi connected to your iPad, but when you directly use a cellular network data to browse on your iPad you will be getting an internet speed of at least 250mbps depending on your network service provider.

Don’t expect to get the best of internet speed when using a Wi-Fi connection on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet.

Cellular data beats it hands down especially 5G cellular network data.

5. Cellular iPad has a GPS

This is one thing that I love having a cellular iPad more than Wi-Fi only iPad, simply because cellular iPad has a GPS while Wi-Fi only has no GPS.

It looks pretty cool driving and using your iPad as a GPS especially with the larger display compared smartphones. In order to have a GPS available on your iPad, you have to go for cellular iPad as Wi-Fi only doesn’t have a GPS and which is very annoying.

Talking about do i need cellular on my ipad, all these I listed explain to you the need to have a cellular on your iPad though it all depends on one’s preference.

The disadvantage

The disadvantage of cellular iPad over Wi-Fi is the extra cost. For example, a Wi-Fi iPad 11 pro may be sold $1400, while a cellular iPad will be sold at the rate of $1700.

Usually there is a difference of $200 to $300 between Wi-Fi only iPad and the cellular iPad.

Can you text on ipad without cellular?

Yes you can text on iPad without cellular but it will require a third party app like the google voice.

As Wi-Fi only iPads are limited from sending and receiving sms text messages because of no cellular network service or sim slot, Google voice came to the rescue.

With Google voice you can easily send and receive text messages to any phone number even if the person don’t have a Google voice. Again you can make and receive calls on your Wi-Fi iPad through Google voice, mind you, Google voice requires internet connection.

Lean more on how to use google voice to send messages and make calls.

Do i need a data plan for my ipad?

Buying a data plan for your iPad is not necessary unless you have a cellular iPad and which you want to get the best of internet speed.

However, if you have an iPhone with a 5G network you can connect the data to your iPad through hotspot. Honestly I don’t recommend buying a data plan for your iPhone and iPad unless you have the fund.

Can I buy an iPad with cellular and not activate it?

Yes you can buy an ipad cellular and not activate it as it is not compulsory to activate or buy a data plan for your iPad.

However, I don’t see the need of buying a cellular iPad and not activate it unless you will do that afterwards. With cellular iPad, you can make and receive calls, send and receive sms text messages from iPhone users and android users as well.

Does the ipad air 2 have cellular?

Yes the ipad air 2 do have cellular.

Related Questions 

Pros and cons of iPad with cellular 

Pros of iPad with cellular is that you can make and receive calls, send and receive sms text messages, and also there is a GPS in the iPad with cellular. 

The cons of iPad with cellular is that it is not cost effective as it cost more than Wi-Fi only iPad.

Difference between iPad WiFi and cellular?

The main difference between iPad WiFi and cellular is that iPad cellular can make and receive calls, send and receive sms text messages and has a GPS whilst iPad Wi-Fi doesn’t have these features.

Talking about do i need cellular on my ipad? With all explained in this article will tell if you if truly you want to go for iPad Wi-Fi or cellular iPad. 

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