How to tell if someone deleted your iMessage?

iMessage, one of the best means of sending sending messages from one apple device to another. The instant messaging messaging service has lots of good features which I will say is slight better than whatsapp messaging.

But the truth is that, for me, whatsapp is better of especially in the question of the day. 

How to tell if someone deleted your iMessage?

On iMessage, you cannot tell if someone deleted your iMessage just like it is on whatsapp. Once someone deletes your iMessage, that’s the final.

However, there is a work around to this but it will be a long process and which I wouldn’t advise doing very often. I’m talking of restoring deleted messages from the iCloud and this will only be possible if you enabled messages to be saved in iCloud.

This method I’m talking about requires you to restore all deleted text messages on your iPhone and this will in turn indicate if someone deleted your iMessages without your consent.

How to restore iMessages

To restore deleted iMessages from the iCloud and works perfectly fine, all you need to do is to make sure that you enabled back up to iCloud for your messages. 

To do so, go to the settings app, touch on your profile, and then choose iCloud. Scroll down to messages and tap the button to turn it off.

When you first press the button, you’ll see two options: disable and download messages. Select disable and download messages.

Return to your messages app and you’ll notice that the deleted messages, whether SMS text messages or iMessages, have reappeared. Another option is to recover deleted texts from your iCloud backup, although this is only possible if you have one.

This option, however, is not recommended because it requires a factory reset of your iPhone or iPad. This is only possible if you are in severe need of SMS messages.

The second method

After you’ve made your decision, open the settings app and scroll down to general, then tap and open general.

To reset and open it, scroll all the way down. If you’re using iOS 15, you’ll have the option to Transfer or Reset your iPhone.

On the next screen tap on the reset button.

Wait for everything to finish once you pressed the reset button. You’ll have to start over with your iPhone setup, but as soon as you get to Apps and Data, tap on Restore from iCloud Backup.

Enter your Apple ID and password, then select your backup and follow the on-screen directions. Wait for the restore to finish and then go to your messaging app. All of your deleted SMS text messages and iMessages will appear in your message app again.

Once you have restored your deleted iMesssages, go through them one after the other and by doing you will know if someone deleted your iMessage.

If asking how to tell if someone deleted your iMessage in the sense that you want to see it right on the message app, I’m sorry that is not possible. iMessage doesn’t give that option except for whatsapp and let’s hope that in the future Apple will add it to iMessage.

Can someone see if you delete iMessage conversation?

The other person won’t see if you deleted an iMessage conversation. Once you deleted an iMessage conversation it will only be for your device and not for the other person.

Aside from iMessage, no one will see if you deleted a chat conversation on other instant messaging apps and services like whatsapp, Skype, telegram, Facebook messenger, etc. 

On whatsapp, if you delete a conversation for yourself the other person won’t know about it. But if you delete for everyone, the other person will see it on it’s Whatsapp.

This is not applicable on iMessage.

So you can go ahead and delete a conversation you had with someone on iMessage and the person won’t know about it.

When you delete an iMessage does it delete for the other person?

The answer is yes. Since ios 16, you have the option to delete iMessage for everyone which will also delete the sent iMessage on the recipient device. 

Previously, when you delete an iMessage, it doesn’t delete for the other person as the delete for everyone feature is not available on iMessage but rather only available on whatsapp.

When talking about the advantage whatsapp has over iMessage, this is among them. The option of deleting a sent text message for everyone is not available on iMessage and because of that you cannot delete a sent text message for the other person.

Right now and with ios 16, you can delete or unsend an iMessage just like the way it is done on whatsapp and I must commend apple for coming up with such feature on iMessage. 

What happens if you react to a deleted iMessage

If you react to a deleted iMessage, the sender won’t see the reaction cause the message has been deleted on it’s iMessage.

If you react to a text message before deleting it, the recipient will still see the reaction on it’s iMessage. 

If i delete imessages are they gone forever?

If you delete imessages they are not deleted forever except if you didn’t enable iCloud backup for your messages.

Once you enabled iCloud backup for your messages, you shouldn’t worry losing your messages forever. Even if you go ahead to delete the messages from your iPhone or Apple device, they are still in iCloud backup and which you can restore the messages.

Let me show you how to enable iCloud backup for all your messages. 

Open the settings app and tap on your Apple ID profile or account. Right there you will see iCloud along with other options, tap on iCloud to open.

How to tell if someone deleted your iMessage

On iCloud, scroll down to messages and make sure you enabled it including any other options right in the iCloud.

How to tell if someone deleted your iMessage

Once you have enabled iCloud backup for your messages, you shouldn’t bother asking if i delete imessages are they gone forever cause the messages will never be deleted forever as long as they are backed up to the iCloud and which you can restore deleted text messages from the iCloud.

Does imessage notify when you delete a message?

The answer is no. iMessage doesn’t notify the other person when you delete a message from your Apple device. You can go ahead and delete an entire conversation with someone and the person will not know about it cause he or she won’t be notified or see it on it’s iMessage.

Maybe later in the feature we may see apple adding the feature into the iMessage or probably on the upcoming ios 16 and that will be very fantastic just like on whatsapp. 

Do deleted messages stay on imessage?

Deleted messages don’t stay on iMessage, but rather will be removed from the iMessage and message app. If you have an iCloud backup for your messages, all the deleted messages will be in the iCloud.

Kindly scroll up a bit and see how to enable iCloud backup for your messages.

Related Questions

Where do deleted texts go on iphone

Deleted texts on iPhone do go straight to iCloud once it is enabled for messages. If iCloud backup is not enabled on an iPhone, then the deleted texts will be deleted forever. 

Can you find deleted messages on imessage

No, you can’t find deleted messages on imessage or the message app. However, if you have your messages backed up to the iCloud you can easily restore all deleted messages back to the iMessage or the message app.

What happens when an iMessage is deleted?

If iMessage is deleted, bear in mind that you won’t be able to retrieve the deleted iMessages.

However, I do wish that Apple will add the trash feature to iMessage just like on samsung phones or on other android phones where you have the trash bin for text messages and other files.

Do iMessages get deleted on both sides?

The answer is yes. With ios 16 update, you can delete iMessages on both sides which are the sender’s phone and the recipient’s phone as well. 

This is just like it is done on whatsapp where you have the option of delete for everyone. 

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