How to split screen on android phone (A How-to Guide)

This tutorial is for the novice, how to split screen on android smartphone.

I can remember back in 2014 when I first got to see the split screen feature on the Google nexus smartphone.

I was wowed about it and right now in 2020, all Android phone has the split screen feature.

There are quite number of Android phones who don’t know anything about how to split screen on android, I will guide you on that.

Android split screen

Before going into the topic on how to split screen on android, understand what the feature is all about and how it works.

Android split screen is a feature inform of multitasking, which gives you the opportunity or option to use two applications at the same time on your android phone.

Take for example the picture below.

How to split screen on android

The picture above is a typical example of Android split screen.

The first app on top is Pinterest, while the app below is the Google Gmail application.

I can be viewing Pinterest images and videos, and at the same time checking my emails.

(How to split screen on android)

Android split screen gives you the option to be watch videos or streaming online, and same time be chatting on WhatsApp, telegram, or on Facebook messenger.

I mostly use Android split screen when I’m busy with other things on my phone and the same time chatting with my friends and family on WhatsApp.

That’s the work of Android split screen.

How to split screen on android

This is the main question when it comes to Android split screen.

How do I split screen on my android phone or view my installed apps on split screen mode.

Right now, all Android phones supports split screen view feature.

I don’t think if there’s any smartphone released since 2017 or probably 2018 that doesn’t support the Android split screen view.

So let’s get started. 

Open the apps you want to view on split screen, tap on the navigation button to open all opened apps on your phone.

Press hold on the opened apps icon. You’ll see options like app info, open in split screen view, open in a pop up view, and lock this app.

Simply tap on open in split screen view. 

When you do that, you’ll be given the option to select another app for the Android split screen.

How to split screen on android?

That’s it.

This is how Android split screen works.

You can browse the internet and chat at the same time. You can watch videos or stream online and also chat at the same time.

Please know that not all Android apps works in the split screen view.

For example, the Instagram app for android doesn’t work on split screen mode at all. I don’t know about other android apps.

Bet you’ve understood how to split screen on android, next is how to turn it off.

How to turn off split screen android

Is so easy to turn off this feature after you’re done and no longer in need of it.

To turn off split screen android, simply tap on the black line which is located in the middle of the split apps.

Tap hold on the black line and scroll up or down to remove a preferred app from the split screen view.

With this, have successfully turn off split screen android.

If you’re using an old Android phone which doesn’t support this feature, you can install a mod rom and enjoy this feature on your android phone.

Use the above tutorial on how to split screen on android.

How do I use Multi Window on Android?

When you hear about multi window, it is the same as saying Android split view.

If your android smartphone supports it, you have to use the above tutorial for the multi window on your android phone.

This simply answers the question of how do I use Multi Window on Android.

How do I use two apps at once on Android?

I’ve got the best answer to this question on how do I use two apps at once on Android?

The answer is by using the Android split screen. Simple as that.

Let me repeat it again, not all Android apps support the split view feature, and this includes the Instagram app for android.

How do I do split screen on Samsung?

I made this tutorial using the Samsung galaxy s10 running on android 10 and Samsung UI 2.2.

This works and the same on all Samsung smartphones including android 9.0 and Samsung 1.0 UI.

All these are the same as how to split screen on android smartphones in 2020.

Split screen android 10

Again, I want you to know that this tutorial is made based on Samsung phone running on the Android 10 software.

This is also applicable to split screen android 9.

Dual split screen: browser with multiple screen application

The dual browser application is a very fast and secure browser for android phones.

You can enjoy amazing internet surfing browsing and multiple tasks at a time using this mobile application.

Web browser application with multiple window and dual browsing display for android phones & tablets.

Dual browser: private browser is very fastest and safest dual display browser which split screen and opens websites.

Internet surfing browser is used to play videos and social media in one display.

This application gives you the option to watch online funny videos and read newspapers in two windows.

It is the best dual browser window secure browser for my phone.

Split private browser: close all tabs or open the menu then click on exit.

App Features:

  • Fast Dual browsing application
  • Single browsing application
  • Private browsing application
  • Device Information
  • Dual display browser
  • Secure dual browser
  • Dual window browser
  • Fast speed dual browser
  • Internet surfing browser
  • Private browser for secure internet browsing
  • Safe search and secure browser
  • Trusted dual browser
  • Split screen dual browser for android phone
  • Two window in one browser at a time
  • Reload, move forward, move backward easily
  • Bookmark single and dual browser application
  • Save browsing history

Download dual split screen for android

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This is where I conclude this post on how to split screen on android. It isn’t a difficult one at all and very good to chat and watch videos at the same time.

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