How do you love a text message on android? Explained

How do you love a text message on android? Look no further as the answer is right in this article for you, all you need is to get the google messages app ready on your android phone.

Since the introduction of rcs chat feature on android phone, one can react to text messages on android just like ios or iphone users do with imessage. Right now, rcs chat feature is now supported by many carriers around the world and you should be using it as it is a lot better compared to normal sms text message.

Just like the imessage, rcs chat features allows you to react to text messages on android which includes love, laugh, sad, angry, crying, thumbs up and thumbs down.

how do you love a text message on android

Looking at the above picture you will see the available reactions on and rcs chat features.

Now the question being asked is;

How do you love a text message on android?

To love a text message on android, you simply have to press hold on the text message and you will see a list of reactions which includes love emoji, tap on the love emoji to love the text message on android phone. 

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Bear in mind that this is only available on rcs chat feature on google messages.

The normal sms text message doesn’t offer this feature simply because it is not an instant messaging service, only instant messaging services can be able react to text messages. This was first introduced on imessage, and now Google has added the feature to their Google messages.

As at this time of writing this post, text message reactions is not available on samsung chat feature though the promised to add the feature in later updates.

If you want to react to text messages on android just like on imessage, below is a detailed guide on how to love a text message on android.


First, you have to download and install the Google messages app on your android phone. I recommend Google messages app because that’s the only rcs chat feature where you can react to text messages at the moment.

After you must have downloaded and installed the app on your android phone, launch the app and make sure to have an active wifi or a cellular data on your android phone.

Tap on the hamburger menu and you will see list of options to select, kindly select settings.

can you react to text messages on android

As you tapped on settings, you will see chat features.

Kindly tap on the chat features and toggle on the button that states enable chat features. Once you have done that, the rcs chat feature will start connecting to your cellular network service and this is to verify your phone number.

This can only take for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes and your phone number will be connected and ready to use the rcs chat feature on your android phone.

Once your phone number is connected to the rcs chat feature, you will see a green color that states Connected and chat features are ready to be to use for 1442222222 phone number.

If you happen to see Chat features unavailable for this device. Your carrier does not currently support this feature. Learn more on your chat feature, please don’t go giving yourself a headache cause that means your carrier network service doesn’t support the rcs chat feature on android.

You have to wait until your network carrier supports the chat feature or you should go ahead and contact your carrier network for more information as to why they are not supporting the chat feature on android.

Now you have connected your phone number to the rcs chat features on your android phone, you are very much set and ready to use the chat message especially to react to text messages on your android phone and tablet.

How do you love a text message on android?

Kindly open the messages app on your android phone and open the contact you want to have a chat with. Start a conversation with the person and to love a text message on android, you have to press hold on the sent message and you will see all the available reactions including love emoji, tap on the love emoji and immediately it will react to the text.

how do you love a text message on android

The above picture shows a love text reaction on the google messages rcs chat features on android. The truth is that it looks similar to the likes of imessage love text messages reaction.

I must say that Google did a good job as everything look very clean and nice, and I do hope that samsung comes up with a lot of text message reactions on it’s rcs chat message.

Remember that rcs chat features requires internet connection so you must have an active internet connection to be able to love a text message on android using the chat features.

Again, all participants must have internet connection and rcs chat feature connected on their Android phones.

In terms of sms text messages, you cannot love a text message simply because it uses the cellular network service and not internet or being an instant messaging service.

Can you love a message on android?

Yes of course, you can love a message on android but that will be possible with the new rcs chat features which introduced text message reactions to it’s chat features.

This is only applicable to Google messages app for now as the likes of samsung chat feature will soon join the party.

Aside from the fact that android rcs chat feature allows you to react to text messages, you can also see when someone is typing to you. This is exactly how imessage works and Google introduced it to android so that android users won’t be feeling left out.

With this rcs chat feature, you can dump your whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, line, and other instant messaging apps.

However, I still love whatsapp any day any time.

Both imessage and android rcs chat feature will never make me dump whatsapp as I love to use it for voice call and video call.

Both imessage and rcs chat doesn’t have the option for a video call or voice call, on imessage you have facetime, and on android you have google duo. But the truth is that most android users are not making use of the google duo as they seem to prefer whatsapp, Skype, compared to iphone users that mostly use FaceTime than whatsapp and Skype.

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