How can i read my ipad in the sun (Helpful tips)

Reading or using an iPad under the sunlight can be quite difficult or very difficult, this is quite different if you’re using the iPhone OLED screen under the sunlight.

This is why you see questions like how can i read my ipad in the sun or can you read on an ipad in the sun.

I have the Samsung tab S7 and it is readable under the sunlight compared to ipads. I was even very much surprised that even the latest iPad pro 2021 isn’t so readable under the sunlight unless you increase the screen brightness to a high level.

If you have an iPad that is not readable under the sunlight, here’s what you need to do especially during the summer or you’re outdoor.

So let’s let’s jump in to the topic we have here, how can i read my ipad in the sun.

How can i read my ipad in the sun

There are two solutions I do recommend in this type of situation whereby you are finding it quite difficult to read or view your iPad screen under the sunlight, they are as follows.

1. Buying an Anti-Glare sunlight screen protector

Do anti glare screen protectors work in sunlight


Getting an Anti-glare screen protector is quite helpful though you might still have a little bit of difficulty looking at your iPad screen under the sunlight.

The Anti-glare Screen Protector to reduce glare when direct sun rays bounce on your phone screen and into the eyes. An anti-glare phone screen protectors is a clear layer placed over the phone screen.

It prevents the sun and light glare on the screen. Glare screen protectors are perfect for people who when using their phones or laptops are exposed to direct sunlight. The Anti-glare is quite helpful in solving the question of how can i read my ipad in the sun or sunlight.

Also, tlhe anti-glare filters rely on the matte finishing which works to reduce reflection from plastic or glass surfaces to reduce glare.

There are tons of Anti-glare screen protector for iPad for sunlight readable, use the link below to find the best one that will suit and fit your iPad.

● Buy sunlight readable anti-glare screen protector

Buy Anti-glare screen protector for iPad

2. Buying an iPad sunshade

This is very much helpful in solving the problem of how can i read my ipad in the sun. This prevents sunlight from hitting your iPad screen and you can comfortably view or read on your iPad without having issues under the sunlight.

This is how the iPad sun shade looks like;

how can i read my ipad in the sun

There are varieties of them ranging on the type of iPad you have, mind you it isn’t just for iPad but for other screens that can’t be viewed under the sunlight.

The iPad sun shade features a soft to the touch molded foam and fabric design with an internal metal frame, and a collapses flat for easy storage. You can rasily attach it to any iPad model while in a case with the adjustable elastic and Velcro rear strap. The unique elastic strap design allows you to silently adjust the angle of the shade.

There are tons of iPad sun shade in the Amazon store or eBay, but I found some of the best and which I do believe you will like.

● Buy sun shade for iPad mini

Buy sun shade screen protector for iPad

● Buy universal sun shade screen protector

So far these are the solutions to the question of how can i read my ipad in the sun. I don’t recommend increasing your screen brightness to hight level cause it make your iPad battery to drain faster coupled with the sunlight.


The major disadvantage of using the iPad sun shade is that it can be quite bulky especially if you have the iPad pro versions, with Thie i recommended you getting a lightweight iPad sun shade or the anti-glare screen protector.

Looking at more related questions that still covers the topic of the post.

Can you read on an ipad in the sun?

You can read on an iPad in the sun but it can be very much difficult especially with the old iPad versions. The new iPad pro 2021 is quite readable under the sunlight though it can’t be compared to the iPhone 12 Pro versions under the sunlight.

If you’re so bothered about this, you can get an anti-glare screen protector or the iPad sun shade and completely forget about not being able to properly read on an iPad in the sunlight.

Does iPad have anti glare screen?

Absolutely no, iPad does not have an anti glare screen though I’m quite sure of the older versions. If you want to have an anti-glare screen on your iPad, then you should buy anti-glare screen protector for iPad and it will be of a lot help to your eyes.

Normally, ipads and even the iPad pro versions doesn’t have the anti-glare feature on their screen. I can’t say for the latest iPad pro 2021 version that was recently released three days ago.

How good is the ipad mini reading in the sun

Very poor and close to impossible. Reading on iPad mini under the sunlight is very frustrating and same time annoying cause it is very much difficult to see the words or sentences on the screen.

Kindly get an iPad mini sun shade and it will do a lot good for you or you can buy the anti-glare screen protector though I prefer the iPad mini sun shade.

So with the sun shade, reading in the sun with iPad min, iPad pro or the ipad air is very much comfortable and you will not experience any bit of difficulty in reading or viewing on your screen.

Can you read new ipad in sunlight

You can read a new iPad in sunlight or under the sunlight though you may find it quite difficult to view or read on your new iPad under the sunlight.

Whether an iPad is new or old, reading under the sunlight will be difficult for you. The latest iPad pro is quite readable under the sunlight but not like when you’re reading with iphone pro max under the sunlight.

Do anti glare screen protectors work in sunlight

Yes of course, anti glare screen protectors do work and I’m using it on my two mobile phones, my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and the Xs max.

I first tested to see if it works on my galaxy s9 plus and I was wowed cause it really worked and I decided to put it on my iPhone XS Max. Not all smartphones have the anti glare screen and this is lacking on my old galaxy s9 plus and the iPhone xs max smartphone.

There are lots of anti glare screen protectors but I recommend the ZAGG screen protector though there are other good quality anti-glare screen protectors  you will find on Amazon or any other online stores like the eBay, etc.

Editors Recommendations

Before I go, I do hope to have given you the answer to the question of how can i read my ipad in the sun and the possibility of reading on new iPad in sunlight. If you’re bothered so much, get yourself an anti-glare screen protector or the sun shade for your iPad.

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