Amazon Renewed Premium: Everything explained

Going through phones sold on Amazon and you saw lots of renewed phones especially iphones and Samsung phones, at first being a newbie you will try to understand what the term Amazon Renewed means and also the premium.

Well in this article you will learn about Amazon Renewed Premium which is applicable to all Amazon products and not just the iPhone and Samsung phone.

However, our main focus will be on iPhone and other products based on the topic of the post Amazon Renewed Premium iPhone.

Lets head over to the meaning.

What is Amazon Renewed mean?

Amazon renewed premium is an offer by Amazon to those buying a renewed or refurbished product to which they will get a one year warranty for the product.

While shopping for products on Amazon especially smartphones like iPhones and Samsung phones, you will see lots of renewed samsung phones and if it is your very first time you may think that you indeed buying a new smartphone.

amazon renewed premium

So before going further to explain a bit more about amazon renewed premium, first you should try to understand what a renewed phone means.

What does renewed mean on Amazon?

Renewed on Amazon means selling of products that was returned by a consumer due to defects or other problems and which underwent various tests and certified to be working before it is being put out for sale.

On Amazon, you come across brand new and renewed products especially when looking at the phone section or tablet section. When you see the term renewed on a product that you want to buy, kindly know that you are buying a refurbished product.

That is to say renewed and refurbished are the same. There’s no different between the two terms and on Amazon you will see renewed instead of refurbished while other online stores will say refurbished.

Asking what does Renewed mean on Amazon, you should know that it is telling you that the product you want to buy is refurbished.

Going back to the topic of the post amazon renewed premium, you will see two types of renewed products on Amazon and they are;

So one will ask what is the difference between the two terms on Amazon.

So here’s the difference.

Amazon Renewed vs Amazon renewed premium

Below are the major difference between amazon renewed vs renewed premium.

In Amazon Renewed, a buyer will only get 90 days or three months warranty of any renewed or refurbished product bought on Amazon, while the amazon renewed premium offers a 365 date or one year warranty for renewed product.

So if you buy a renewed iPhone or Samsung phone from Amazon, you will only get a 90 warranty for that iPhone or Samsung phone. But if you happen to go for the amazon renewed premium then you will get a one year warranty for the product.

Another difference between Amazon renewed and amazon renewed premium is that the renewed is a lot cheaper compared to the premium renewed.

For example, iphone 13 renewed may be sold at the price of $950, while the premium renewed will be sold at $1055. There’s always a difference between the two offers and for me I prefer amazon renewed premium as the consumer has the opportunity to return the item within one year.

So asking renewed premium meaning, it simply means Amazon is offering you a 365 date or one year warranty for a renewed product on Amazon. 

What does Amazon Certified refurbished mean?

Amazon Certified refurbished means that the a product sold on Amazon has been repaired and inspected to be properly working before the product is put out for sale. 

On the other hand refurbished means a product that was initially used and returned because of one problem or the other and which was fixed by the manufacturer or a local repairer and deemed or certified to be working.

Once the product is certified to be working and the initial problem fixed, it will be put out for sale. And this is what Amazon Certified refurbished mean.

What to consider before buying a refurbished phone from any store

1. If there’s a warranty

This is why I do recommend buying a renewed or refurbished phone from Amazon as Amazon has a premium program for their renewed phones.

The amazon renewed premium which offers the customer a one year (365 days) warranty for the refurbished or renewed phone.

So in this scenario, you are virtually covered and shouldn’t be afraid because if something goes wrong with the product as you have the warranty to returned the product back to the seller. But only if the problem is not caused by you the user.

2. Properly check if everything is working

As renewed is same as refurbished, one of the major things to do after buying the phone is to check if everything is working properly starting with the volume rocker and other buttons.

Tap everywhere on the screen and run a diagnostic to see if it will detect a software or hardware issue including the battery life.

Once everything is in order then there’s nothing to be afraid of, you should go ahead and enjoy your new phone.

3. Inquire if the seller will accept returns

There’s no complain about buying a renewed product from Amazon especially if it states amazon renewed premium as you are covered for one year and can return the product back to the seller.

Some mischievous sellers will never accept to offer returns on refurbished or renewed phones, please avoid those sellers but you can’t find such on Amazon especially if the product states amazon renewed premium.

So before buying a refurbished phone, first you need to know if the seller will accept returns if you happens to find a defect on the product.

If the seller says yes then go ahead and buy the phone but if the answer is no, please kindly avoid such seller cause you will end up regretting buying the renewed phone.

4. Buy from trusted seller or store

This is very essential when buying a renewed phone, make sure the seller is trusted and has a good ratings. Better still check people’s reviews if you are buying from online and see what people are talking about the product.

There are reputable renewed or refurbished sellers on Amazon which you can buy these types of phones from and they usually look like a brand new phone.

5. Beware of buying a stolen phone

This is one of the major drawback of buying a used or rewnewd phone, in the case of the phone being stolen from the original user.

You can never tell but there’s a way to prevent yourself from buying a stolen phone.

Try to get an invoice with the IMEI number for the renewed or used phone. Check to verify the IMEI of the device, the invoice, and the box and they all should be the same. To check the IMEI number on the device, dial *#06#.

If they are not then it is likely to be a stolen phone.

But the truth is that most sellers may not give you the invoice if you request for such and that’s why I prefer to buy from reputable sellers.

Amazon Renewed Premium iPhone

What is the difference between renewed and refurbished on Amazon?

There’s no difference between renewed and refurbished product sold on Amazon as the two terms are the same.

If you see renewed phone on Amazon kindly note that it is a refurbished phone you are about to buy and renewed doesn’t mean unlocked or a brand new phone.

Does Amazon renewed come with warranty?

Amazon renewed do come with a 90 days or three months warranty, while the amazon renewed premium do come with a 365 days or one year warranty.

So you shouldn’t panic or get scared buying a renewed iPhone or Samsung phone from Amazon cause they are very much good based on my experience so far having bought a two amazon renewed samsung phone and iPhone.

If you are not comfortable with the 90 days warranty then you should go for amazon renewed premium though the price is quite higher compared to the normal renewed phones.

Is renewed on Amazon trustworthy?

Having bought two phones and an iPad that states renewed on Amazon, I will say renewed on Amazon is very trustworthy cause I’m still these devices without any issues for the past two to three years.

With the amazon renewed premium, you don’t have any problem cause you have one year to return the product if you find any defect about the product.

More Related Questions

Do Amazon renewed iphones have new batteries?

Sometimes Amazon renewed iphones do have new batteries but especially if the previous battery is faulty, bad or the battery health is below 80% which is amazon recommended battery health for renewed iphones.

Are Renewed products good to buy?

There’s nothing wrong buying a renewed product especially when it comes to smartphones. Most of them are very good and if you happen to go for ones with amazon renewed premium, you have a full one year warranty.

Does renewed mean used?

Renewed indeed mean used because these are products returned by a buyer because of defect found upon using the item. However, the buyer may use it for three days or even one year depending before returning it back to the seller because of factory defect.

Is refurbished considered new?

Refurbished are is not considered new because they have been purchased and used by a consumer before it is returned back to the manufacturer or seller because of factory defects.

If you are buying a refurbished phone please know thar you are not buying a brand new phone though refurbished phones are properly cleaned, repaired and some certain parts changed in order to make it to look like a brand new but they are not.

Are refurbished products sealed?

Some refurbished products are sealed while some are not sealed as it depends on the seller or the manufacturer. However, refurbished products are well packaged just like a brand new product.

Is refurbished same as original?

Refurbished ore renewed products are original and not fake. If you are buying a refurbished or renewed product, know that you are buying an original product especially from a trusted seller.

Does refurbished mean second-hand?

Refurbished indeed means second hand because they are returned products due to defects.

Amazon Renewed Premium iPhone

This simply means the iPhone has a one year warranty and which the phone can be returned if found not to be working properly or due to factory defects.

All in all, if you are buying an Amazon product that states amazon renewed premium, know that you are getting a one year warranty for that product.

What does unlocked renewed premium mean? This simply means that you’re getting a one year warranty for a phone that is not network locked on Amazon. 

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