Does amazon renewed premium iPhone worth it? Explained

If you’re the type that usually shop on Amazon, you will definitely come across Amazon renewed products especially when it comes to gadgets and electronics.

And it you noticed, the prices are usually cheaper compared to non renewened phones. 

Now the question is, does amazon renewed premium iPhone worth it especially when it comes to buying phones like the iPhone.

Right here I will explain this article based on my experience buying a renewed phone from Amazon.

Mind you, there’s a renewed phone and a premium renewed phone on Amazon, and I will explain the two terms right here.

First, let’s start with renewed premium.

Amazon renewed premium iPhone

What does renewed premium mean on Amazon iPhones?

A renewed premium on Amazon iPhone is that which comes with a full year warranty for any premium renewed phone bought from Amazon.

When i say a full year, I mean to say for a good 365 days. Aside from that, Amazon renewed premium  are properly checked and confirmed to be working before the phones are put out for sale.

As you have 365 days to return the phone if you find any fault, I see no issue buying a renewed phone on Amazon be it an iPhone, Samsung phone or a Google pixel phone. 

However, I noticed that there’s lots of renewed premium iPhones compared to any other smartphone on Amazon.

Let me give you the features and why Amazon renewed premium is the best compared to Amazon renewed.

Amazon renewed premium features

  1. You will get 365 days warranty. 
  2. The battery capacity will never be less than 90%. 
  3. No scratches or dent on the body or the screen.
  4. You will receive accessories which is likely to be a generic accessories or in some cases original accessories.

This is why it is called Amazon renewed premium , because the products or the phones looks brand new even though they are not brand new phones.

Sometimes I do believe that these renewed premiums products are products used in less than three months and not a refurbished product.

So let me explain my experience with amazon renewed premium iPhone. 

So here’s my experience;

Am an android user and probably a samsung user, and I decided to buy an iPhone to see how it feels and if I’m going to like it. 

I was looking for something cheaper for a start.

I went to Amazon and I saw lots of them both renewed and premium renewed. 

I noticed that premium renewed costs more than the renewed, but I decided to go for the renewed premium. 

An iPhone 12 Pro renewed premium.

When i received the product, it was boxed inside an Amazon renewed box which first indicates that “this is not a brand new phone”.

Right inside the box contains the phone (the iPhone 12, a generic lightning cable, charger adapter, and Amazon renewed manuals.

I was very much suprised to see a charger adapter inside the box because iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a charger adapter except for lightning cable. 

However, the capacity or the watt was quite low.

About 10 watt.

At first impression, the phone really looks brand new i must admit. I didn’t see any scratches on the body or the screen which was a bit surprising to me.

The phone looked super clean at every corner.

I had to power the phone and head straight to the battery settings to check the capacity and it was 98 which is very much okay for me.

I looked at the screen and compared it with another iPhone 12 Pro to see if the screen is an original Oled screen or LCD, and it was indeed an Oled screen and not an LCD screen.

I tried charging it and it was charging.

I was very happy at that initial stage.

So I checked everything and all features had no issues whatsoever, it was indeed a good buy especially the price I paid for the phone.

And the good thing is that “I’m still using the phone“.

I bought the phone in around June 2022, and I’m still making use of it as my second phone. So far no issues whatsoever and I’m receiving updates when due.

Mind you, I bought a fully unlocked renewed premium iPhone 12.

So I’m happy with the purchase as there’s no issues so far, or maybe I’m just lucky.

In all I’ve explained based on my experience, there’s one thing I never tried to do. 

And that is;

Testing the water resistant feature.

I was kinda scared to do that as it is a renewed phone and not a brand new phone even though the seller stated that the phone is water resistant.

I was scared to run such test.

Does amazon renewed premium iPhone worth it?

Yes, Amazon renewed premium iPhone worth it because they are cheap, look brand new, and has a 365 days warranty period.

As I have been using an Amazon renewed premium iPhone 12 Pro since 2022 without any issues whatsoever, I don’t see any reason why you should be scared of buying such especially if you don’t have the funds to go for a brand new iPhone. 

Now listen, instead of me to buy a brand new iPhone 15, I will rather use the money to buy a renewed premium iPhone 14 pro or the pro max on Amazon.

As long as their prices are the same or almost the same, I will rather go for a high iPhone on Amazon renewed premium.

The phones look brand new, has no scratches or dent, battery capacity can’t be less than 90% and mostly 95 to 100%, and a 365 days warranty period.

And lastly, they are quite cheap compared to the brand new ones.

The Amazon renewed are cheaper than the renewed premium, but you can only get 90 days warranty period. 

The phones may not likely to have scratches or dents especially if you picked excellent condition during purchase, but the battery capacity can be as low as 85%.

Right now, I prefer to buy a premium renewed iPhone and I’m planning to buy 15 pro renewed on Amazon or maybe the 14 pro.

Do i recommend Amazon renewed premium

The answer is yes. I do recommend the Amazon renewed premium because the prices are relatively low, the product looks new, and there’s a 365 days warranty period.

You can check out Amazon renewed premium iPhones from Amazon

You shouldn’t be scared buying an Amazon renewed premium iPhone because you have 365 days to return the product if anything goes wrong. 

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