Does buying a WiFi only iPad worth it? Explained

Is WiFi only iPad worth it.

This is one of the most common question asked when it comes to buying a new apple ipad because you will see a cellular iPad, and a Wi-Fi only iPad, does buying a WiFi only iPad worth it. 

The cellular iPad usually cost more than the Wi-Fi only iPad. But should that make you to go for the Wi-Fi only iPad.

So I will explain this topic based on my experience using both a Wi-Fi only iPad, and a cellular iPad.

Let’s proceed.

Does buying a WiFi only iPad worth it

Does buying a WiFi only iPad worth it?

Yes it does worth it especially for the price which is relatively cheaper than the cellular iPad. 

However, there’s a limitation. 

Now listen, the only difference between a Wi-Fi only iPad and a cellular iPad is the Wi-Fi only iPad has no cellular data and a sim card slot, while the cellular iPad has a sim card slot and a cellular data.

If you’re new to iPad, you will think it’s a big deal having a sim card in your iPad as you can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages.

However, that isn’t the case.

Because you can’t make and receive calls, send and receive text messages on iPad with a sim card slot or eSim.

The sim card is only for cellular data.

To make calls and send text messages on any iPad, you can only use Facetime and iMessage even if you have a SIM card in your iPad.

Before going further into the post, let me explain Wi-Fi only iPad and it’s benefits.

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What is Wi-Fi only iPad

Wi-Fi only iPad is a type of iPad that has no cellular services but only Wi-Fi connection.

In other words, it’s a Wi-Fi connectivity iPad.

That is you can only use Wi-Fi for your internet connectivity or internet activity on your iPad. There’s no sim card slot or eSim for this type of apple iPad.

Because there’s no cellular network service for this very iPad, that is why it is called a Wi-Fi only iPad because it’s internet connectivity is only Wi-Fi.

The Benefits

The benefit of Wi-Fi only iPad is that it is cheaper than the cellular iPad.

For example, a cellular iPad may cost around $800, while the Wi-Fi only iPad may cost around $600 or $650. 

I noticed that there’s always a difference of $200 or $150 depending on the type of iPad. The likes of 5G cellular iPad usually cost more compared 4G cellular iPads.

So the benefit here is the price point. 

The Wi-Fi only iPad is a lot cheaper than the cellular iPad. Aside from that, there’s no other benefits of Wi-Fi only iPad.

Limitations of WiFi-only iPad

You may not necessarily get internet on the go which is applicable to cellular iPad. 

When i say internet on the go, it simply means having a cellular data for your iPad. If you can’t get a Wi-Fi connection around you, simply switch over to cellular and you’re good to go.

However, you can’t do so on Wi-Fi only iPad because you’re so dependent on Wi-Fi connection for your internet connectivity.

Also, you may not get the best of internet speed which is available on 5G apple iPads.

This is one major reason why I love my iPad pro, the internet speed is awesome though thanks to my network service provider.

I’m not saying you can’t get a high speed internet with Wi-Fi connection, but when so many people are using the Wi-Fi, the internet speed tends to drop and this is not applicable to cellular iPad.

You can get an internet connection in a remote area, but it is quite difficult to get a Wi-Fi connection in a remote area.

I love the fact that a cellular iPad can use cellular data, and Wi-Fi connection for it’s internet connectivity.

What to consider before choosing a Wi-Fi only iPad

  1. Your budget
  2. What you’re using it for 
  3. Accessibility to Wi-Fi connection

1. Your budget

If you have enough funds with you, honestly I will recommend you to get the cellular iPad because it has both the cellular network service and Wi-Fi.

You can chose to use cellular data or Wi-Fi for your internet connectivity.

But if you don’t have enough funds or your budget is low, then you can go for a Wi-Fi only iPad.

2. What you’re using it for 

This question is very essential, what are are using the iPad for?

  1. For note taking 
  2. Drawing
  3. Media consumption
  4. Reading
  5. Gaming

If you’re buying an iPad for reading, don’t bother yourself spending extra to get a cellular iPad, you should be okay with a Wi-Fi only iPad.

For note taking and drawing, you may not necessarily need a cellular iPad as Wi-Fi only iPad should be okay for you though it depends on the type of note-taking and if you’re saving the notes to a cloud services.

Note taking

For Gaming and media consumption, you’re like going to need a cellular unless you’re okay with a Wi-Fi and can easily access a Wi-Fi.

2. Accessibility to Wi-Fi connection

This is very important, accessibility to Wi-Fi connection. 

If you can easily access a Wi-Fi connection around you, then you can go for a Wi-Fi only iPad. But in a situation whereby you find it quite difficult to get a Wi-Fi connection, then you should save for cellular iPad. 

Accessibility to Wi-Fi connection is very important if you’re planning to go for a Wi-Fi only iPad. 

Is WiFi only iPad worth it? 

Aside from the fact that Wi-Fi only iPad has no cellular data or cellular data services, it is still worth it because you can perform the same task on both Wi-Fi only iPad and the cellular iPad.

Looking for a cheaper iPad? 

If you’re looking for a cheaper cellular iPad or Wi-Fi only iPad, I recommend you to go for a premium renewed iPad and there’s so many of them on Amazon

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, does buying a WiFi only iPad worth it. It worth it and you can go for it as long as you don’t have issues accessing Wi-Fi connection around you. 

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