Is getting an ipad with cellular worth it? Explained

Planning to buy an iPad, and thinking if at all is getting an ipad with cellular worth it.

As iPad with cellular cost more than an iPad without cellular or a Wi-Fi only iPad, the question is doest it really worth it to add extra fund and go for a cellular iPad. 

As someone who is using a cellular iPad, and also have an old Wi-Fi only iPad, I will explain this topic based on my experience.

Let’s proceed.

is getting an ipad with cellular worth it

Is getting an ipad with cellular worth it?

Yes I will say it worth it. Getting a cellular iPad really worth it compared to the Wi-Fi only iPad.

Unless you don’t have the fund, then you can go for a Wi-Fi only iPad. 

So I have my reasons why I said you should go for cellular iPad if you have the budget, and the reasons are explained below.

1. Internet access on the go

With a cellular iPad, you can easily use internet and won’t be so concerned about a free Wi-Fi nearby.

With a cellular iPad, you’re not dependent on Wi-Fi hotspots. This is great for people who need internet access on the go, whether for work, travel, or emergencies.

The only restriction you will experience is in a situation where you found yourself in a remote area where there’s no network connection.

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2. Cellular iPad Increased Mobility

Cellular iPads allow you to stay connected while you’re out and about, whether you’re commuting, traveling, or working in different locations. 

You can travel out of the country and may not necessarily have access to a nearby Wi-Fi, but with a cellular iPad, it won’t matter at all. 

3. Backup Internet Connection

Even if you primarily use Wi-Fi, having a cellular iPad as a backup internet connection can be handy in case your primary connection goes down or is unreliable.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you couldn’t have access a Wi-Fi and you only have your Wi-Fi only iPad with you, that can be very frustrating.

Well the truth is that you can use your iPhone or cellular phone as a hotspot if applicable.

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4. Emergency Situations

In emergency situations where Wi-Fi might not be available, having cellular connectivity on your iPad can be a lifesaver for accessing important information or contacting emergency services.

5. Internet Speed

This is one of the major reasons why I opted to go for a cellular iPad instead of Wi-Fi only iPad. 

If you have the 5G apple iPad which is available on iPad pro M1 and above, iPad air 5th Gen and above, and iPad 10th Gen and above, you will enjoy the great internet speed especially when it comes to downloading and uploading.

Many a time, Wi-Fi especially a free Wi-Fi tends to be slow when downloading, uploading, or streaming online which is not the case with with 5G cellular apple iPad unless your network provider provides a slow speed internet.

These are the main reasons why I prefer the cellular type of iPad more than Wi-Fi only iPad that I wouldn’t mind adding extra $50 or $100 to get a cellular iPad.


What do you need the iPad for?

Before going ahead to buy a cellular iPad which will cost a lot more than the Wi-Fi only iPad, you need to ask yourself this question. 

What do i need the ipad for?

From the answer you can attain if you really need the cellular iPad or the Wi-Fi only iPad. 

For Example;

You’re into digital art and that is what you planned to use your iPad for, to draw and sketch. In this type of situation, you can go for the Wi-Fi only iPad unless you have the budget for the cellular iPad. 

If your main purpose of planning to buy an iPad is for entertainment like online streaming, gaming especially online games, etc, you may need to go for the cellular iPad to get a better internet connectivity.

For just note-taking, a Wi-Fi only iPad will be good for you.

Generally, I will recommend you to go for the cellular iPad unless you don’t have the extra fund to afford the cellular iPad, then you can go for Wi-Fi only iPad.

Asking is it worth paying extra for cellular iPad? I will say yes, it worth paying extra for cellular iPad especially the 5G type as you will get a full speed internet connection, and have internet on the go on your iPad.

Mind you, I recommend you to check on Amazon for affordable cellular iPads

Does iPad cellular use more battery?

No, cellular iPad don’t use more battery compared to Wi-Fi only iPad.

From my observation, as long as you have internet connection be it Wi-Fi or cellular data, it will consume battery on your iPad. 

Wi-Fi only iPad don’t consume less, and the cellular iPad don’t consume more battery even when on 5G.

From my experience, what consumes a lot of battery id when you’re streaming online or playing online games.

For example, playing Call of Duty Warzone on my iPad using a Wi-Fi connection consumes a lot of battery compared to when playing subway Surfers offline.

Same goes to streaming online, and most especially I tends to use home Wi-Fi for these internet activities.

Going back to the question of the day, is getting an ipad with cellular worth it? I will say yes, it worth getting a cellular iPad over the Wi-Fi only iPad because cellular iPads are internet on the go. 

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