Why is iMessage popular in the US? Explained

iMessage is very popular but the truth is that there are some countries that haven’t heard of iMessage before. 

If you say iMessage, they will ask what it is.

However, the case is completely different in the United States. 

iMessage is their number one instant messaging app they use, and not only that, they rarely use whatsapp. 

So the question we have here is why is iMessage popular in the US. I see people outside the US ask this question especially those that live outside the US.

Right here I will explain why iMessage is so popular in the United States, and if it is better than whatsapp. 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular or maybe the most popular instant messaging apps outside the US. 

Let’s jump in.

Why is iMessage popular in the US

Why is iMessage popular in the US?

iMessage is so popular in the United States simply because it is pre-installed in an iPhone, and many Americans use apple iPhone.

I want you to know that iMessage was launched in 2011, and back then whatsapp wasn’t so popular as it is today. So one of the common ways to send multimedia messages is by using iMessage.

For the fact that iPhone becomes very popular in the United States, paved room for iMessage to be the number one most used instant messaging across the US.

Yes there are some android users, but it can’t be compared to the number of iPhone users.

Below are the reasons why is iMessage popular in the US;

1. Integration with iOS 

iMessage comes pre-installed on all Apple devices, making it the default messaging app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. This seamless integration encourages users to stick with iMessage for communication.

With one apple ID, you can send and receive iMessages on your iPhone, apple watch, iPad and MacBook.

This is something that isn’t available on android even with the likes of Google RCS chat message. 

2. Free Messaging

iMessage uses data or Wi-Fi instead of traditional SMS, allowing users to send texts, photos, videos, and more for free. This is especially attractive in the US, where unlimited texting plans aren’t always common.

3. Seamless Experience

iMessage offers a seamless messaging experience across Apple devices. Users can start a conversation on their iPhone and continue it on their iPad or Mac without any interruptions.

4. Rich Features

iMessage offers a variety of features such as stickers, Animoji, Memojis, reactions, and integrated apps. These features enhance the messaging experience and keep users engaged.

5. Blue Bubbles

There’s a social aspect to iMessage due to the blue bubble indicator, which signifies that a message is being sent via iMessage rather than traditional SMS. This can create a sense of exclusivity among iPhone users.

6. Group Messaging

iMessage supports group messaging with features like inline replies, mentions, and the ability to leave or mute conversations. This makes it a convenient option for group communication among friends, family, or colleagues.

The group messaging is one major reason why android users in the United States go for iPhones. As iMessage is only available for apple users, a non apple user cannot be added to a group chat.

But the truth is that I don’t see the reason why whatsapp can’t be used as it is available on android and ios.

7. Security and Privacy

iMessage encrypts messages end-to-end, ensuring that only the sender and receiver can access the content. This focus on security and privacy is particularly appealing to users concerned about data breaches or privacy issues.

These are the reasons why iMessage is popular in the US. 

As long as many people are using an iPhone which has a good instant messaging app like the iMessage, for sure it will dominate in the US compared to any other instant messaging apps and services.

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What’s so special about iMessage?

Ability to send high quality images and videos without getting compressed, and the option to edit and unsend a message.

However, I don’t really see the big deal when it comes to using iMessage except for the fact that one can send high quality pictures and videos.

Sending a blue message is a big deal for someone users, and they find it very irritating send a green text message which signifies sms text message.

So far iMessage is way ahead of the Google rcs chat message in everything, but I don’t see any special thing about iMessage when it gets compared with Whatsapp.


Though on iMessage, you can edit a sent message which is still not yet available on whatsapp. But right now, you can send 2GB file via WhatsApp which is not possible on iMessage.

iMessage file limit is 100mb.

Aside from the fact that iMessage sends high quality images and videos without compressing the file, sent messages can be unsend or edit, can be sent on iPhone, iPad, Apple watch or MacBook, I don’t neccesarily see anything special about iMessage.

But for some people, they can’t do without iMessage.

As iMessage is very popular in the United States, in Europe, whatsapp is the most popular.

Well, this is because in Europe, android is very popular especially Samsung phones, just like iPhone is very popular in the United States.

Though there are people using an iPhone in Europe, whatsapp is usually the number instant messaging apps being used, followed by Facebook messenger and others.

If you have an iPhone, you must have whatsapp installed in your iPhone. You use whatsapp to chat with people using android, and iMessage to chat those using iPhone.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, why do Americans only use iMessage? It is because iPhone is mostly used in the United States, and iMessage is integrated in all apple devices.

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