Does facetime automatically hang up? Explained

When looking for one of the best video call apps and services for a smartphone, there’s no doubt that facetime is among the list.

With facetime, you can call your friends and family home and abroad for free without attracting charges from your network service provider. 

As long as you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, there’s no doubt that you should be using facetime, and now that it is available for android, it makes it lot better.

Now the question being asked about facetime is that does facetime automatically hang up. If you’re the type that mostly use FaceTime for your video calls or audio calls, you may come across this problem. 

So this is our focus of the day, if during call facetime will hang up on it’s own or probably not.

Let’s proceed to that.

does facetime automatically hang up


Does facetime automatically hang up?

The answer is no. Facetime don’t automatically hang up on it’s own unless there’s a poor network reception or the call was ended right away. 

Again, facetime doesn’t have a feature that will program it to automatically hang up after a period of time during a call. 

Most time when a facetime call automatically hang up, one of the callers did it and not facetime itself because facetime cannot hang up on it’s without something causing or triggering it.

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Below are the reasons why facetime call automatically hang up.

1. The call was ended right away

You don’t expect a facetime call to automatically hung up on it’s own, the caller or the recipient must have tapped on the end call button. 

For many years of using FaceTime for video and audio calls, facetime call will end if someone hit on the red button to end the call. 

2. Internet went off without notice

As facetime requires an internet connection to make and receive calls, if you’re on a facetime call and internet drops, what will happen next is for the call to end right away.

One of the major reason why facetime automatically hang up is due to poor internet connection.

No internet connection no facetime call.

3. Ran out of data 

Not everyone has the option of using a Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, in this case, the option of internet connectivity is cellular data. 

As facetime can consume lots of data especially facetime video call, one may run of data during a facetime call. Once data plan has been exhausted, it simply means internet will not be available on the person’s device.

4. Software issue

This is quite rare to see but it does happen. 

Software issue can make a facetime call to automatically hang up, and sometimes this only requires you to restart your device and it will fix the problem.

This doesn’t necessarily require one to reset his device unless the problem persist.

5. Battery suddenly went flat

As facetime don’t automatically hang up on it’s own, sudden battery issue can make a facetime call to end abruptly. 

Now if the problem of facetime automatically hang up during a call, be it a video call or audio call, you should check if this problem is happening to all your contacts or just for a particular contact on your device.

If the problem is happening to a certain contact on your apple device, then you should know that the problem is not caused by your facetime but rather the other person involved.

Does FaceTime have a time limit?

FaceTime don’t have a time limit as it is unlimited.

You can make a facetime call until you get tired of the call, your battery went flat, or you exhausted your data plan, etc.

There’s no limit to a facetime call even when it involves international facetime call.

Can I stay on FaceTime all night?

You can stay on FaceTime all night though it is not commendable, and whereas, facetime has no limit.

As facetime has no limit as long as you have an active internet connection on your device, you can make a facetime call all through the night. 

But, it is not advisable to do so. 

Even if you have enough internet and battery to make or receive a facetime call all through the night, you shouldn’t do so unless you will sleep all through the next morning.

However, if you’re not asking about the health factor but rather if facetime can be on and active all through the night, the answer is yes until you or the other person decides to end the call or your batter went flat dead.

Why does my FaceTime keep hanging up by itself at night?

This usually occurs when there’s a poor internet network reception or the other person hung up. 

Like I said before, if you start having this type of facetime problem very often, you should check and confirm if it happens to all your contacts or for just a certain contact. 

If it happens to all your contacts then you should know that the problem is from your side and not your contact. 

First, check if you’re having a poor internet connection every night within your environment or area as it is likely to be the culprit since it occurs in the night only. 

However, if this problem occurs for just a particular or certain contact on your device, then you shouldn’t bother at all because the problem is from the other person.

The person may likely be ending your facetime call without notice.

Hung up on FaceTime

How to know if someone hung up on you on FaceTime

When a facetime call abruptly ends without a notice, it is likely that the other person hung up on you.

Poor internet or dead battery can make such to happen, but many a time it usually occurs when someone hung up.

Dont except a facetime call to end abruptly without something triggering it.

There are two major things involved and they are; someone hit on the red but to end the call or sudden poor internet connection ended the call right away.

Battery issue can cause the problem, and as well as a software issue on the device.

Does FaceTime automatically hang up after a certain time?

The answer is no because facetime don’t hang up after a certain period of time unless you ran out of data, the battery went flat dead or no internet connection.

Also asking why does FaceTime end by itself, kindly note that facetime doesn’t end by itself unless something triggered it to end the right away.

FaceTime isn’t developed in such a way that it automatically ends a call after a long period of time, no, that is not true. 

Maybe the other caller hung up on you or the internet went bad, or the other person’s phone went off. 

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