How to fix iphone only charges at an angle

Having the problem of iphone only charges at an angle, you’re not alone as I have experienced this issue for several times, both on android and iPhone.

So in this article I will explain the causes and how you can fix the problem.

As I was previously in your shoe, I will explain to you how I fixed the problem of phone charging when bend to one side.

How to fix iphone only charges at an angle

How to fix an iphone only charges at an angle

Below are working solution to fix iphone only charges at an angle

  1. By replacing the usb cable.
  2. By replacing the charging port.

From my experience, these are the main causes of iphone only charges at an angle or any phone that charges at an angle.

However, there are more to this as I will explain the reasons of phone won’t charge unless charger is plugged in at a certain angle.

1. Caused by a faulty usb cable

Faulty usb cable

Most times this is the main cause of not being able to charge your phone in a proper way, having a faulty usb cable.

When it gets worse, it may no longer charge anymore or charge at a very low speed.

I’ve used up to four different iPhones and lightning cable, and this seem to be the cause of iPhone only charges at an angle. I always find my find myself pulling the cable to different direction just to get the phone charging.

But first you have to be very sure that the problem of iphone only charges at an angle is caused by the usb cable.

So what you have to do is to try use another usb cable and see if it will charge your phone in a proper position. If it does, then the problem is from the usb cable.


All you have to do is to replace the usb canoe and you’re good to go.

2. Caused by usb port

Another major causes of iphone only charges at an angle is a faulty usb port.

If you have tried charging your iPhone with different cable and nothing worked, but still the problem persist, then you should look into the usb port of your phone.


First, try to check your usb port to see if there’s any particles inside the usb. Kindly use a pin point object inside the usb to remove any particles inside the usb port.

If you didn’t see particles, then try to change the usb port.

Both the usb cable, and the usb port are the culprit for an iphone that only charges at an angle. But if you try these fixes and nothing worked, then you have to take your phone to a phone engineer to look into the problem.

From my experience on both android and iPhone, it is the usb cable and the usb port are most likely to be the cause of the problem.

Others include the followings;

3. Bent or Damaged Connector

The Lightning connector on the charging cable or the port on your iPhone may be bent or damaged. This can prevent a secure connection, making it necessary to adjust the angle for a temporary charge.

4. Compatibility Issues

If you’re using a third-party charger or cable that isn’t made for iPhone certified, it may not work reliably with your device.

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How to maintain your phone usb cable and usb port

As a faulty usb port or cable won’t be able to charge your phone properly, below are the ways to maintain your phone usb cable and port for them to last longer.

  1. Handle with Care: Avoid bending, twisting, or pulling the USB cable excessively. Hold it by the plug, not the cord, when inserting or removing.
  2. Keep Clean: Periodically inspect both the USB cable and port for dust, lint, or debris. Use compressed air or a small brush to gently clean them.
  3. Avoid Overloading: Don’t overload a USB port by plugging in too many devices through a hub. This can cause damage to both the port and the cable.
  4. Protect from Physical Damage: Avoid stepping on, rolling over, or pinching the USB cable. Protect it from any physical harm that might compromise its integrity.
  5. Store Properly: When not in use, neatly coil the USB cable and store it in a safe place. Avoid tightly winding it around objects or leaving it in a tangled mess
  6. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep USB cables and devices away from extreme heat or cold, as it can affect the integrity of the cable and port.
  7. Use Cable Organizers: Consider using cable organizers or clips to keep the USB cable organized and prevent it from tangling with other cords.
  8. Inspect for Wear and Tear: Regularly check the USB cable for signs of wear such as fraying, exposed wires, or bent connectors. If you notice any, consider replacing the cable.
  9. Avoid pulling the cable: When removing a USB cable, grasp it firmly by the plug and pull straight out. Avoid yanking or pulling at an angle, as this can damage both the cable and the port.

These are some of the ways to maintain your phone usb cable and usb port for it to last longer. I’ve noticed that iPhone usb cable breaks so easily, so you have to handle with care and don’t fold it else the cable will break with time.

So whenever you’re having the problem of charger only works in certain positions iphone, kindly note that it is a usb cable fault or the usb port itself.

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