What does bump mean on facebook and forum

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What does bump mean on facebook and forums? 

I’ve seen quite number of persons get confused try to understand what the word bump means on facebook or forums.

Honestly, the very first time I saw the word bump, I was confused just like you until I got to understand what it means.

If you take a look at the meaning of bump, especially to bump into someone which literally means to run into someone or a person. The meaning is quite different from what it is used for in facebook or web forums.

What does bump mean on facebook.

Let me explain what it actually means in the internet.

What does bump mean on facebook and forums

To bump on facebook post or forum is to bring back an old and forgotten post back to the top of the page, usually an interesting post or unanswered post.

What does bump mean on facebook?

It simply means to bring or rise a dead and forgotten Facebook post back to the top of the page or for people to notice. Instead of making an actual comment, the user will write the word bump in order to let people know that this post is still relevant or looking for answers.

Mind you, when a comment is made on facebook post, it goes to the top of Facebook feeds and it will look like as if the post is new. Usually, most people that bump posts on Facebook are the page owners or the posters.

They want more people to see the post and add their comments, that is not wanting the post to be dead and forgotten, trying to make it to be relevant.

The truth is, it can be quite annoying for some users to see a facebook post bumped to the top of the page. Many time I don’t really blame the users doing it cause maybe the post needs a lot of answers from users or they don’t want the post to be forgotten.

So any time you see the word bump on facebook, it literally means bring back the post to the top page or for people to see the post again.

I do hope you’re satisfied with my answer on what does bump mean on facebook. If you see the word, you won’t get confused as the user wants you to see the old and forgotten Facebook post.

What does bump mean on forum?

Just like on Facebook, the word bump is used on forums as well. I even see it more on web forums than on a Facebook post.

Old threads on forums are usually bumped if maybe a user is looking for an answer to the post. I’ve done this before, I saw a post which I was very much interested in and instead of opening a new thread on same topic, I bumped the post.

On the comment box I wrote the word bumped and it was moved to the front page of the forum. It attracted lots of users both old and new, and this time they commented.

However, what can be annoying in this aspect is bumping an outdated post. I usually feel so annoyed when I see someone purposely bumped an outdated post, and many a time they do it just to move outdated topics to the front page of the forum.

Sometimes this happens on facebook post though but it isn’t common like bumping an old outdated posts on web forums.

So if you see bump on a facebook post, no need to get confused, it just to make the post to be relevant again or the user is looking for answers on the facebook post or web forum.

Does bump work on Facebook?

what does bump mean on facebook

Absolutely yes. The word bump works on facebook as it is said through the comment box. When a user add a comment to a Facebook post, all the group members or followers will definitely see the post in their feeds.

This will in turn bring more visitors and comments to the Facebook post. A group member can bump a post or even the administrator. Most times it is the administrator that bumps posts on Facebook.

With all these said here I do hope I’ve answered the question on what does bump mean on fb and web forums.

The purpose to bump facebook post

Do you know that when you bump a facebook post, it attracts views and new visitors. Take for example, the post was posted in 2017 and still relevant in 2021, then you decided to bump it. Doing this will in turn bring more visitors and comments to the Facebook post.

This is why I said some facebook administrators are fond of doing this, bumping their old posts to get views and new visitors to their posts on Facebook.

Another reason why people bump facebook post is to get more answers especially if the facebook post is asking a question. A user may not be satisfied with the answers made on the post and there’s no new answers coming to the post, bumping the post will attract more attention and visitors, and in turn brings more comments.

This two are the major reason why users bump facebook post.

What does bump mean on facebook.

How to bump facebook post

Select the post which you want more views and and answers, post a comment on the Facebook post and that’s it, you have bumped the Facebook post to the front page or new feeds of the group members or followers.

You can choose not to write a sentence but instead enter the word bump in the comment box. Users will understand what you’re trying to do.

Also keep in mind the time which you want to bump facebook post, let it be when user’s are awake and using the internet. This will bring lots of views and comments to the bumped post on facebook.

Nothing more to say on what does bump mean on facebook as I’ve said enough.

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