How To Turn Off Pop Up Blocker On Chrome, Safari (Others)

This blog post will educate you on how to turn off pop up blocker on chrome, safari and other internet browsers both on desktop and mobile browsers. Pop up blocker can be so annoying, especially from malicious websites. But there a times when it is very useful to the user.

Most time, we tends to disable pop up blocker on our browsers, especially if we are browsing a website(s) that has lot’s of annoying ads that pop up out without a notice. Most of these download blogs are P.h holders when it comes to pop-up ads and redirect.

You may even get confused on which is actually the right file to download, so as not to download a virus to your phone or computer.

However, a good vast number of websites do offer pop ups that is good for their viewers, especially during sign up or given a notice. You can turn off pop up blocker for a specific websites that you trusted on your browser.

I won’t advise you to turn off the blocker on chrome, safari or any other browser for all the websites. Some annoying sites with redirect you to a spam website through pop up, so it is advisable to enable it on the websites that you trusted so much.

How to turn off pop up blocker on chrome, safari and other browsers

How to turn off pop up blocker on chrome and safari


This tutorial is based on two categories one is for computer, while the other is for mobile browsers which includes android and ios iphones.

Starting first on how to turn off pop up blocker on computer browsers;

Turn off the blocker on Computer Browsers 

I’m going to touch only on Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and the safari browser for pc.

Turn off pop up blocker on Chrome: When you install the chrome browser on your computer, it automatically enables pop-up blocker. It is left for you to disable it by yourself.

To do that, kindly follow these steps below;

Open your chrome browser, click on the menu which is located on the browser toolbar. This is located at the upper Right Hand corner of the chrome browser. 

Tap on settings and also click advanced settings. Scroll to Privacy section, and click on the Content settings button, in the “Pop-ups” section tap on Allow all sites to show pop-ups.

After that you’re good to go. You’ve successfully turn off pop up blocker on chrome browser.

Turn off pop up blocker on Safari: For those using safari browser on their pc, follow the below guide to easily turn it off.

Open the safari browser, and tap on the gear icon with a arrow down ⬇️ symbol next to it. Click on the icon and also on block Pop Up Windows.

Look closely at your screen, if it is checked or marked, then that means that pop up blocker is on, but if it is unchecked, it means that it is off.

If you noticed that it is checked or marked, just tap on the box to uncheck it and with that you’ve successfully turn off pop up blocker on safari.

For Firefox Browser: To kindly disable the blocker on Firefox for pc, open your browser and click on options. Tap content tab and uncheck the “Block Pop-up windows” option.

For Internet Explorer: To disable pop-up blocker on the internet explorer, from the Menu bar, click on tools. Next is to click on Internet options and tap on the privacy tab.

You will see pop up blocker, it is usually turned on by default and it is left for you to turn it off by yourself.

These are the ones that i have for you guys on for the computer, next is how to turn off pop up blocker on iphone and android browsers.

Turn off pop up blocker on Mobile Browsers 

I don’t know why some user’s don’t know that there’s a pop up blocker on mobile phones, especially in 2019.

With recent updates, pop up blocker was added to mobile browser cause there’s a huge number of people that surf the internet through their mobile phones. Why wouldn’t there be a pop up blocker to protect user’s from malicious websites. 

If you’re using Google Chrome for android, open the browser and click on the three dots option on the right corner of your screen.

Tap on settings and scroll down to site settings. Scroll down till you see Pop-ups and redirects, tap on it and turn it on. By turning it on, you have allowed pop ups and redirect when browsing with Google chrome mobile.

If you’re using opera browser for mobile, open thr browser and click on the opera symbol below the right corner of your screen.

You will see settings beside the setting gear icon, click on it. Scroll down till you see block pop-ups, and by default it is activated.

Turn it off by taping on it or you can reactivate it by taping on it again. And with that, you’ve successfully deactivated pop up blocker on opera browser.

If you’re using Microsoft browser for mobile, launch the app and click on the three dot below your screen. Click on settings and scroll down to site permission. 

On the site permission, scroll down till you see pop-ups and redirect. By default it is deactivated, you will have to allow pop-ups on your Microsoft browser by tapping on it. You’ve successfully turn off the blocker on the browser.

So far, these are the mobile browsers that i know that you can turn off pop up blocker, i don’t think there’s an option to do so on the Firefox browser for mobile.

If you have more browsers be it mobile or pc that i didn’t add to this post, you can help me with that.

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This is where i draw the curtain on how to turn off pop up blocker on chrome, safari, windows explorer, Firefox and others, don’t forget to use the share buttons and share it with your friends.

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