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Do i need a memory card for my phone? Explained

Last Updated on December 13, 2021 by Kennedy

My smartphone has option for expansion, but the question is, do i need a memory card for my phone?

Is there a need for me to buy a memory card for my mobile phone or probably just use my phone the way it is without inserting a micro SD card into the phone.

I love this question cause there are lots of phone user’s who are very confused as to whether they should get a memory card for their phone or probably not do so.

If your mobile phone supports the micro SD card, these are the reasons why you should buy one for your mobile phone. Now let’s jump in to the question of do i need a memory card for my phone.

Do i need a memory card for my phone

Yes, in the true sense of it because having a memory card in your phone helps you to store large files in your mobile phone instead of having them packed in your phone internal storage especially if you don’t have a sufficient internal storage.

For the past few years now, many smartphones no longer support the use of a memory card or the micro SD card.

However, some of these phone users will go ahead and purchase an OTG USB or external hard drive for their file storage, at the end of the day, you will see that there’s a need or a reason to have a memory card in your mobile phone.

1. You need a memory card for file storage

The major reason or the need for a memory card is for storing files and on a mobile phone. Back then in 2012 when I had an LG g2 phone with an internal storage of just 32GB and no room for expansion as it didn’t support the micro SD card.

The LG g2 internal storage was very small and at the end, I found my myself buying an sd card to store large files on my phone cause my phone internal storage was almost full or occupied.

Honestly, I really smile when I see people say no to this question of do i need a memory card for my phone, but for me, it really depends on the type of phone you’re using and also how much you do use your phone.

If you’re the type that download lots of files and videos or movies from the internet, I’m telling you that one day you will look for a file storage to store the video. You may not necessarily want to use any of the online file storage but rather a device.

At the end of the day you might end up buying a microSD card or the OTG USB.

If you do lots of video shooting with your phone, you will definitely need to buy a microSD card to store the videos. And same goes with those that download or pack lots of movies on their phones, at one point you phone internal storage will be full and start to lag, and at the end of the day you will see that you really need to buy a memory card to store the movies on your mobile phone.

File storage is one major reason why I said yes to the question of do i need a memory card for my phone. Yes of course you really need that unless you’re the type that doesn’t store large files in your mobile phone.

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Do i need a memory card for my phone? And that is for its main purpose and which is to store files in the phone.

2. Free up space in the internal storage

The memory card or microSD card is used to free up space in the phone internal storage. This is done by moving the entire files to the SD card and you can also move your app to the SD card as well.

do i need a memory card for my phone

On my part, I don’t really buy the idea of moving my apps to my sd card cause I noticed that it can be quite slow or probably slow down my phone. To move your apps to the SD card, you must get a good quality fast microSD card else it will be quite frustrating for you while using your phone.

Now note this; if you have a mobile phone that has an internal storage of 128GB and below, you definitely need a micro SD card if it supports it. 

In the case whereby your phone doesn’t support the sd card, one day you will find yourself needing to buy an USB OTG unless you continue to get rid of your files from your mobile phone.

I laugh when some phone users will say do i need a sd card for my phone? Hey take a look at the iphone users, they don’t have an sd card for their phone cause it support it, and Apple must have a good reason for that. Since it is Apple I’m sure using an sd card in a mobile phone is bad.

And I said you’re wrong.

The main reason which I think Apple restricted the use of sd card is because of a security control and nothing more. I can’t really imagine having a phone of 64GB internal storage without a room for expansion other than uploading my files to the icloud. And the truth is, at the end of the day one will buy an OTG USB for the phone.

You shot a 4k video on your mobile phone, definitely you will need a memory card to store the videos cause they are usually large in size even the smallest length of an 4k video.

To free up space in the phone is another reason and answer i have for you on this question of do i need a sd card for my phone.

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3. To reduce Phone Memory Consumption

Do you know that if your phone memory consumes lots of storage it will probably start to hang though it will notify the user to delete some files.

So what if the files in your phone are very much important to you; Are you going to get rid of them? 

It will be very much painful for you to do that.

This is where the micro SD card comes to your rescue or maybe you can get a USB OTG if your mobile phone didn’t make a provision for expansion.

Once your phone internal storage becomes full, it starts to hang or lag, apps will fail and crash, and many files or apps on your phone will take lots of minutes to open even when you power on your phone.

In order to avoid these nonsense, you should get yourself an sd card and a very good quality one like the Samsung SD card. To reduce phone memory consumption is another reason why you need a memory card, and answer the question of do i need a memory card for my phone.

Can any micro sd card work for any phone

Right now, the microSD card do work for any phone as long as the phone has a space or a provision for expansion. At this moment there are different varieties of the microSD card in the market, and one needs to be extra careful while buying a new one from the market.

I always prefer the Samsung SD card as it very much durable and long lasting though you need to be careful as not to buy a fake Samsung SD card.

Can a phone work without a SD card?

Yes of course, a phone can works perfectly fine without the SD card inside the phone, and the likes of the iphones and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are a perfect example for you.

What makes you think that a phone can’t work or function without an sd card?

An sd card is nothing but a phone accessory just like the screen protector, earphone as these two are not necessary compulsory. The reason why we have an sd card is to create room for expansion in the mobile phone, and so that the internal storage will not be jam-packed with files. Just like asking do i need a memory card for my phone.

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So with or without an sd card, a mobile phone will function very well and without any issues unless the internal storage is filled up with files.

What happens if you remove SD card without unmounting

Nothing happens, and telling you the fact. I’ve tried this several times and nothing happened whatsoever to my phone or to the SD card. At first I thought that my sd card will damage especially in the long run, but it didn’t happen.

I’m still using the using the SD card, and this is now the fourth year and it is still functioning without any hitches or issues.

However, I’m not saying you should go on and remove your sim card without unmounting it first, but for me nothing will happen though I don’t recommend you to try it.

Do micro SD cards slow phones down

Yes, micro SD card do slow down the phone if being used as an internal storage and in the case of using a low speed SD card.

Yes, this usually happens and mainly for those that used the sd card as their internal storage

This is one major reason why I don’t really support using the sd card as an internal storage even if it is the best and fastest sd card in the world today.

Do not use your sd card as internal storage, avoid such but rather move large files like videos, and downloaded files to the SD card. This will help the internal storage to function properly and faster as to when it was jam packed with lots of files.

At this moment you have seen the answer what you asking for, do i need a memory card for my phone. So it is left for you to make your choice.

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When you look at the question do i need an sd card for my phone and with what I have explained here, you will see that indeed you will need an sd card if your mobile phone supports it.