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Do SIM cards wear out over time? (Learn more)

Last Updated on December 13, 2021 by Kennedy

Sim cards are one of the main features of a mobile device, sometimes one usually ask the question if indeed do SIM cards wear out over time due to usage.

Since the introduction of GSM or mobile phone, I’ve had my first sim card and the fact is I changed the sim card few years back after the introduction of the 4G network and the micro/nano sim card.

The question we have today is do SIM cards wear out in the sense that will it get damaged on the long run due to excessive usage.

I will explain all you need to know about sim card based on my own with all the sim cards I have used so far.

Do SIM cards wear out over time?

The answer is no. Sim cards hardly wear out like other mobile devices unless if the sim card is roughly used by an individual or regularly touched by water.

As long as you have your sim card inside the sim slot, it will never wear out. The color will remain the same and the sim will look brand new.

When sim cards begins to wear and tear or gets damaged if you’re the type that is fond of changing or switching your sim card from one phone to another. Removing and inserting the sim card will in turn cause a wear and tear on the sim card.

If you’re not careful enough you might end up damaging the sim card and the sim card in general.

As long as you don’t switch your sim card very often, you can use your sim for than ten years without any issues like having a poor network coverage because of the sim card.

SIM card will wear out if you roughly handle it like excessive switching of the sim card from one phone to another. 

How to avoid sim card from wearing out

Do SIM cards wear out

To avoid sim card from wear and tear, you need to avoid or stop doing these followings;

1. Switching of sim card

Like I said, excessive switching of sim cards causes wear and tear on the sim card. Please I don’t mean to say switching sim card is bad or wrong, but often doing it can cause a damage to the sim card.

I have seen some persons that switch sim card six times in a single day, in the process of switching the sim card one might damage the sim card chip.

Once the sim card is damaged, that is it. The sim card will not work again unless the user gets a sim replacement or perform a sim swap.

Aside from the sim card chip, the body of the sim card will definitely wear out over time, and I’m saying this based on my own experience.

2. Prevent water from touching the sim card

Another major factor that causes wear and tear of a sim card is water. Water doesn’t necessarily damage the sim card from what I have observed, but it will make the sim card to wear out faster.

I experienced this when I was using a feature phone or probably a Java phone I will call it, up to six times water entered into my phone and touched my sim card.

After some period of time the sim card softened and started to wear out. The major thing that happened is the color wearing out completely from yellow to white.

This very factor I can yes to the question of the topic, do SIM cards wear out over time. As long as water is touching the sim card, it will definitely wear out over time.

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How long does a SIM card last?

A SIM card can last for fifteen years as long as there’s no damage on the sim card or the sim card chip.

Sim card do last longer than the mobile phone be it a feature phone, iPhone or the Android phone.

However, there are factors that will warrant someone to replace or change a sim card, and these factors are the reason why sim card may not necessarily last for fifteen years.

These factors are listed below;

1. The size of a sim card

My very first sim card was a standard or mini sim sim as it was called, then we had the micro sim card and now the nano sim card.

When i was using the likes of Nokia Symbian and Belle, I had the standard sim card. When I moved to the Samsung Galaxy s2, I had request for a sim replacement and performed a sim swap cause the Samsung Galaxy s2 is a micro sim card.

In 2018 I bought Samsung galaxy s9 plus, I had to also request for a sim replacement and performed a sim swap because the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus is a nano sim card and there’s no way to properly cut my micro sim card to a nano sim card.

Right now, I have a sim card with my very first phone number which was previously standard sim card.

If you’re looking at how long does a SIM card last, size of the sim card plays an important role cause it also determines how long a sim card will last.

2. The cellular network service

Cellular network service is a very good factor that determines how long does a SIM card last, and I’m talking of the 3g,4g and the 5G network.

Now we have the 5g network, most carrier networks are advising their subscribers to upgrade their sim card to a 5g sim. Only very few are saying their 4g sim card supports the 5G network.

After I replaced my sim card when i bought my samsung galaxy s9 plus like I mentioned earlier on this post, I had to change my sim card for the very fourth time since 2012.

The reason is because of the 5g network.

I upgraded my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which is of a 5g network, my sim card can only support 4g network so I had to change it and again perform a sim swap.

The cellular network service like the 5G network plays a major role on how long does a SIM card last. In few years from now, we will have the 6G network and our network providers will request we should upgrade our sim for the 6G network.

Do SIM cards need replacing?

SIM cards needs replacing if it is damaged and not working, and does not support the latest cellular network service like the 5G network.

You can also replace a sim card if it is not compatible with the phone in terms of size of the phone sim slot.

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This is where I wrap it up on this topic do SIM cards wear out over time, and remember excessive switching of sim cards from one phone to another can cause wear and tear on a sim card, as well as water touching the sim card.