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How to delete gmail emails in bulk on android (A How-to Guide)

Last Updated on June 24, 2021 by Kennedy

This post is a definitive guide on how to delete gmail emails in bulk on android. Bet you’ve got thousands of messages and to delete them one by one seemed very frustrating.

Yes and that is true.

I’ve been in your shoe before, as i realise that i’ve got up to five thousand mails that i need to get rid of.

How do i do it, one by one no way as its not going to work out for me.

Imagine deleting five thousand mails one after the other, that will take me throughout the whole day or a good 48hrs before i’m done with it.

To crown it worst, gmail application for android didn’t make a provision on how to delete gmail emails in bulk on android.

So i came up with a very nice idea and a method, it worked hundred percent for me. And the method i used in getting rid of five thousand mails from my gmail account, is the method i’m going to share with you guys.

How to delete gmail emails in bulk on android

First you need to make up your mind as you’ll completely loose all the mails, and that the emails is no longer useful for you.

Having made up your mind, then proceed with the method on how to delete gmail emails in bulk on android.

First this can’t gmail application for android, you need to use a browser. I prefer to use opera browserfor android.

Let me repeat again, opera browser and not opera mini or opera beta, but the main browser itself.

Open and sign in using your gmail account and password. Immediately it signs you in, press the option menu and switch your display from mobile to desktop.

It will display exactly like you’re using a computer to view your gmail account.

Now, to delete gmail emails in bulk on android, you need to go to the folder which you want to get rid of it’s mails.

For example, you’ll be presented with primary, promotional and social. All promotional and socials are usually packed with mails that doesn’t make any bit of sense.

They are usually from Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and other social media pages plus websites which you used your gmail account to sign up with.

So to do that, select your preferred folder by simply tapping on it. Note that the default folder is the primary and that is where your main mails are stored.

When you tap on your preferred folder, look at the top of your screen and you’ll see a small box with a drop down beside it.

to delete gmail emails in bulk on android

Tap on it and it will mark all your messages on first page and is usually which is fifty in number.

Then look closely below the options give to you, you’ll see where it is written “All 50 conversations on this page are selected” Select all 3,222 conversations in primary.

Please the number 3222 ie the number of mails i have in my gmail account, yours should be different.

You will have to tap on where it is written select all 3,222 conversations in primary. Having done so, it will make all the whole mails in your primary folder.

After that you will see that it states 3,222 (depending on the number of mails in your primary folder) conversations in Primary are selected. Clear selection

If you want to clear the marked mails in your primary folder, simply tap on clear selection.

However, if you want to go ahead to delete gmail emails in bulk on android phone, then simply tap on the delete icon which is on the top of your screen.

Delete gmail emails at once

When you tap on the delete icon, all you whole email in the primary folder will be deleted at once.

This also applies to other folders like social and promotional. I make use of this to delete all the mails from my social and promotional folders at once.

With this method you can easily to delete gmail emails in bulk on android phone without stress.

Note that navigation might be a bit difficult for you, but it isn’t that much difficult especially if you have a big android screen like 6.2 inches and above.

Up till this moment of writing this post, there’s no any other method unless you have to use a computer to do that.

The reason why i said that you should use opera browser is because so far i’ve tested this up to six mobile browsers and opera browser is the only one that worked for me.

You can as well try it on puffin browser. The likes of google chrome for mobile and firefox didn’t actually work for me, but maybe you can give it a try.

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If there’s other methods to get rid of emails on bulk on android phones, i won’t hesitate to update this post. Also if you know any other working methods apart from this, you can share with us using the comment box