How To Delete An Youtube Video From Iphone and Android

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Are you trying to figure out on how to delete an youtube video from your iPhone or Android smartphone, look no further as what you’re looking for is right here.

But what makes you trying to delete a youtube video from your channel, the video isn’t performing the way you wanted or maybe Google flagged it. Well you have your reason for that.

There are two best ways which you can delete a youtube video, one is from your mobile browser and the other is through the YouTube app. Both methods are so easy to understand and to use.

How to delete an Youtube Video

Having said that there are three working methods to get rid of a youtube video that you wouldn’t want see on your channel, you can choose anyone that you deemed easy and best for you.

1.  Using a browser

To delete a youtube video from a mobile browser is an easy thing to do without a bit of stress.

First you have to sign in to your gmail account, linked to your YouTube account or channel. After that go to YouTube and sign in using your gmail account. 

On your YouTube account homepage, look at the top right corner of your screen, you will will see your channel name first letter which may start with R or B. Like the pic below;

How to delete a youtube video

Click on it and you will see options which includes your channel, get YouTube premium, paid membership, settings etc.

You are to click on “Your channels”, and right there you will see all your YouTube videos.

On this part, i want you to go to your browser settings and set it to desktop view, cause it is only desktop view that shows every features in the YouTube website. So please if you’re using chrome, opera, Firefox, safari or any mobile browser, switch it to desktop view.

When you switch over to desktop view, on your top right corner of your screen you will see where it is written Youtube studio. Click on the YouTube studio button.

The next page you will see is your channel page or dashboard. You won’t see all your videos, in order to see all of them and also the ones that you want to delete, on your left corner of your screen click on the play icon.

Usually the play icon i’m talking about is videos, which is below dashboard. If you’re on pc you will see that it is written “videos” but on mobile it does not. Rather you will see an icon that looks like Play.

Click on it and you will see all your YouTube videos. At this point we are looking how to delete a youtube video, and what you will do is to scroll down or use the search button to search for the YouTube video that you want to delete.

Having found the video, click on it and you will see options that includes edit, comment etc. Look closely and you’ll see a three dot lines, tap on it.

Having done that, it will bring out options like;

Edit title and description
View on YouTube
Get shareable link
Delete forever
What you’re looking for is how to delete a youtube, so kindly click on “Delete Forever” a window will pop up saying “I understand that deleting is permanent and can’t be undone”.
Tick inside the box and click on delete forever.
With that, you have successfully deleted a youtube video from your channel, you can also get rid of all the videos in your channel using this method.
The above method works for both mobile phones and computer, but on mobile, you need to switch your view to desktop else you won’t see the options to delete your your youtube videos.
Next is to move to getting rid of YouTube videos through mobile app, and it is way too easy.

2. Using the YouTube mobile application for android or ios

For me this is probably the best method cause it is so easy and straightforward. Right now many people uses the YouTube mobile app which is available for android and ios.

The number of people who watch YouTube videos on mobile is way ahead of those that do the same on the mobile or desktop browser. For me, the mobile app is way better for viewing.

If you don’t have the YouTube mobile app on your smartphone, please endeavour to download for your Android phone or Youtube for ios.

Having done that, open the YouTube application on your android phone or iPhone/iPad, sign in using your gmail account linked to your channel. Just like on the above method, click on your channel name icon on the app.

The icon is located at the top right of your screen. It will bring options which includes “your channel”, time watched, paid membership etc.

Click on Your Channel, you will see your homepage which includes the last three videos that you uploaded. Tap on the arrow down icon to see all your YouTube videos.

To delete a youtube video from the mobile app, beside the video that you want to get rid of, click on the three dot button like on the pic below.

Delete an youtube video

Having done that, it will bring out list of options for you to select, they include save to watch later, save to Playlist, delete, edit, download and share.

As your quest is how to delete a youtube video, you tap on delete. You will see a pop up which state “delete this video” click OK or cancel if you’re not 100% sure. If you click OK, the video will be permanently removed or deleted from your channel.

Delete Youtube videos through YouTube studio

Delete any youtube video

This is the last method i have for you on deleting YouTube videos from your channel. The YouTube studio was introduced in 2015, with major updates the app is really useful for those with channels.

If you noticed on the first method, i mentioned about YouTube studio but that is on browser. Google introduced it to mobile users in form of applications and it has been really helpful.

Through YouTube studio, you can easily get rid of any YouTube video that you’re no longer interested in or want to have in your channel and below is how to use it.

Download and install the Youtube studio app on your smartphone, open the application and sign in using your gmail account linked to your channel. 

The first thing that you will see is your dashboard which contains the three last uploads with your other details. On the top left corner of your screen, click on the option button.

You will see dashboard, videos, playlists, comments and analytics. Tap on video and it will bring out all the videos that you uploaded to your channel. Scroll to the YouTube video that you want to delete or better still use the search button.

When you see the video, tap on it. On the next screen look closely at the video, you’ll see a pencil like icon ✏️ which is actually an edit button. Tap on the pencil icon and next is to also tap on advanced settings like the pic below.

Youtube studio

When you click on the advanced settings, scroll down and you will see “Delete from YouTube”.

Having made up your mind to delete the YouTube video, click on that button. A pop-up window will show immediately stating “are you sure you want to delete this video”, click OK to delete the video or no to cancel.

Among the three methods on how to delete any youtube video, this seems to be the best for me and you can also use it to manage your account or know how much you’ve made in a particular video upload.

Seriously the truth is that Youtube studio is a must have app, especially if you are into vlogging.

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The three methods i stated here are perfect for you, it depend on you to choose your preferred method to delete a youtube video that you no longer wish to have in your channel. Please don’t forget to share this post thanks.

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